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  1. I8ABMR
    02-24-10 10:03 PM
    The sound of the stock system is the lack of sound. All you hear with the stock system is the motor. The Tanabe is a deep tone. Think of an Infiniti G35 coupe exhaust and drop the tone by about 25-30%. There is nothing ricey about it. It only makes noise under 3500 rpm and when rolling at low speeds it makes a nice noise. What bothered me was that I live in the hills so I am always driving on uphill grades and would get the infamous drone. I got tired of the noise when I was going up hill that I sold the system.

    The F sport intake is trash. It literally makes 0% change to the tone of the motor and cost like 500 dollars after install at the dealership. Total rip off
  2. lkapimp216
    02-24-10 05:33 PM
    can you explain the difference in sound of your tanabe exhaust vs factory, and your intake vs factory thanks. I ve been looking into these however if the change is very subtle I may chose to go with other mods
  3. I8ABMR
    10-06-09 11:56 PM
    The Asanti's were made out of round. They werent buillt perfectly. We sent them back and they came back better but not perfect. They wouldnt even take them back so Discount ad to eat the 5K for the wheels. In the end I went to high end wheel shop to get my TSW's and the tech there said that 3 pc wheels are a total headache. Its cast wheels for me from now on. I think a brand like Vossen is solid because they look forged but are still sold at a cast price
  4. lkapimp216
    10-06-09 06:22 PM
    I just read the thread about you having problems with your asantis vibrating, what kind of vibration? What caused it and did they correct it?
  5. lkapimp216
    10-06-09 02:39 PM
    what happened to your boy adam I can t get a hold of him for nothing

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