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  1. Catracho30
    09-18-10 02:18 PM
    hey some directed towards you.they told me you have or make foglights for the sc300 97+ bumpers.i was wondering how much you ask and do you have pictures?thanks
  2. t70 supra
  3. xcelr8
    12-04-08 06:57 PM
    No problem!

    Mine was solved with relay.
    Here's info that might really help you: if you exit out of the passenger side with auot lites on, they will stay on. I used to walk away thinking they;d go off but they do not. As for your hiway speed problem, this mite be your coil packs or your realy. Did you change realy? Mine did funky things at diffeent times.
  4. gs400dave
    12-02-08 06:46 AM

    Man, I'm really sorry I never replied to you in the thread about the starting problem last year. Truth is, I completely forgot about it after I posted it, and just now checked in 1.5 years later and looked it up in my history.

    So you fixed yours with the relay change? Wow - I'm going to have to check that out. Since it's been a year later, have you ever experienced the problem again?

    I came back to the forum because it has exhibited even stranger behavior lately: This summer, after driving through a car wash, I was going down the freeway with cruise control on. The car started cutting out and coming back on - it's like the engine just stopped running and the dashboard lights all turned off - then it would kick back in and run. It did this about 5-6 times, then it was never a problem again. Funny, but I think I remember that when it would kick back in, the cruise control was still on and it resumed. Again, dash lights went out and it seems like I remember the radio staying on (not sure on that tho...)

    Now it gets even stranger: The other night, I came home (driving my truck) and found the Lexus sitting in the garage with the headlights on (?) I opened the door and they shut off. I checked and the switch was in the "auto" position. The car started fine, so I was puzzled. My wife couldn't have left them on because it hadn't been driven for a day prior, so the battery would have been dead. Besides, the lights should shut themselves off anyway...

    So then I went out later in the evening, and my wife called and told me that the car was sitting in the garage with the headlights on again - this time, they had been on for a while, enough to drain the battery. She turned the lights to the "off" position.

    Sorry for being long-winded, but I was thinking all of these things were related to the starting problem, like it was a computer issue or something - then I find that you solved the starting problem with a relay. I think the relay probably was the cause for the freeway "cut out, start again" incident (especially because of the car wash) but I can't see how it could have anything to do with this headlight issue. Although, it is our first real snowy day here in MI, and it's a very humid, wet snow.

    Did you ever have any of these other issues? Maybe I'll start another thread on it (and make sure I remember to check back in this time...)



    Hey Dave:

    PLs tell me you figured this car does exactly what yours does. Only after overnite...only if it rains, it's worse...pls tell me how you solved it. If i keep it in the garage, no problem. Bu tat work...after sitting all day in the rain, today it did not start until after a long time.

    Le t me know what you did.


    I am really glad I stumbled across this first I thought what the hell does Honda problem have to do with ours??? But I looked for a Main relay and sure enough, I tapped on it after the car was running and it stalled out right away. In fact, after starting it again, I was trying to put the fuse cover on and every time it brushed up against the relay it stalled...So I bought a new relay today (I still have part number if anyone wants) and it cranked right up. I will test overnote and for the next few days and will report back.

    Thanks everyone.

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