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    1998 GS400, Burnished Gold Metallic - “Rescue Pet”
    Mods so far: Plastic Tundra intake manifold, custom built intake tube + noise mod, Goodridge stainless brake lines, LED front marker lights, 01+ tail lights, door logo projectors, modified stock mufflers, "V8" fender badges, Voxx Torino 17s


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  1. GS400V8
    04-03-17 04:03 PM
    Oh wow I had a small stress crack in mine near the throttle body but I just used plastic welder. If you need to replace it I would either post a WTB here for an OEM to modify or buy that one on eBay. I just don't know how much of a pain it will be to make that small hose reach that fitting because it is 1) not cut flush with the intake tube so it is streched out that far and 2) the fitting was in the center making it again even more difficult for that hose to reach. You might have to modify it more, but I think it might be worth the shot
  2. GS400V8
    04-01-17 06:15 PM
    Sure here is a pic of how I did the vacuum hoses. You can't see the mess when you open the hood and even lean over. It's not pretty, but it's not as ugly as I was expecting. I was thinking I would immediately want to sand it and paint the whole intake, or just that part. I might one day if I'm very bored

  3. GS400V8
    03-31-17 03:10 PM
    Yeah it does sound like a pain. Easily reversible but I would feel like I violated the car.

    I think Ill buy a used diaphragm and buy a 2 foot length section of pipe of eBay with a 45 degree mandrel bend in the middle. If you cut about 6.5" off one end the size is perfect that points slightly up/towards the cabin. It will be more than enough pipe when considering the diaphragm length added in, and the additional pipe not needed. There is even a blank hole on the bottom of the battery tray that can help secure the pipe, how awesome is Lexus? Stainless is ~$30 and aluminum is ~$15 shipped. I'm really honestly more concerned about which material will be easier to paint, and I find aluminum difficult. I don't like the polished finish on either too much. I think the most difficult thing will be sealing the different sized diaphragm outlets, pipe outlets, and intake hole to all fit well. I think once done I will have a "kit" list so people can source and make it them selves if they want.
  4. GS400V8
    03-30-17 10:58 PM
    Absolutely, I will let you know. I really investigated today the cabin. I disconnected the battery, and took out the glovebox. If you follow the grommet near the battery, it goes almost directly behind where the factory amp is mounted. As you mentioned, there is no room to put a pipe through there. You could cut a hole in the metal firewall above it which is the only possible place due to the curve of the frame shape where the arches above the wheels meet the firewall. There is plastic/fiber/paper sound deadening material on the other side however, and would make a mess when you cut into it. This still isn't the best spot volume wise because it is pretty much behind the glove box. I don't know if I have the guts to do this honestly, unless the noise from the engine bay just doesn't cut it. But I still can't see cutting into it
  5. GS400V8
    03-29-17 09:04 PM
    Yeah, I would really like to put in through the cabin because I like everything overdone.
    If not I hope it will do the trick from the engine bay and that the sound deadening of the firewall doesn't fully mute it.
    It will be easy to test this first as well with my spare air box.
    The BRZ diaphragm is 46040CA000 and main hose is 46012CA060 but there are two other hoses, a whole bunch of clamps, connectors and bolts.
    The FRS diaphragm is SU00301212 and main hose is SU00301200.
    I went to toyotapartsEstore and parts.subaru
    It's so cool that these diaphragms acts as a speaker, I never knew so many cars used this.
    I think maybe a 1.5" metal pipe would resonate and amplify the sound really well.
  6. GS400V8
    03-28-17 09:48 PM
    I think I can route it in the red as shown, because in the blue route the battery bracket blocks it. I could possibly run it through that grommet by the battery if I took the grommet out. I know this is where I removed the previous owner's 4 gauge amp power wire through, but I don't know if it enters the cabin directly. I might have to get brave and cut the firewall, but I would have to make sure the other side goes directly into the cabin or there is no point. This might not be possible, and leave me with the good option that you showed me with the newer F sports of pointing the noise tube towards the cabin in the engine bay. If I do this, I would like to get creative and maybe make it all out of metal, painted black, for maximum resonance and loudness.

  7. GS400V8
    03-28-17 09:14 PM
    I do have Subaru/Scion FRS/BRZ part numbers but the diaphragms themselves are $150 and another $100 for the tubing. The ISF doesn't show this part in the diagrams, and I think the newer F sports either just don't show them in these diagrams or are too new at 2013+ where the years stop for the diagrams. I think it will be best to source them from donor cars
  8. GS400V8
    03-27-17 02:12 PM
    Awesome, yes I think thats another more mild option. I definitely want mine inside the cabin some how, listen to this at the beginning and again at 40 seconds in! Basically the coyote guys are pulling 3 factory foam inserts out of these intake tubes to get the diaphragms moving more for more sound.
  9. GS400V8
    03-24-17 02:59 PM
    Awesome I didn't know they did that! I love the updated look and how it really cleans up the rear of the car.

    Yes but the caveot here is that you must block off both 1) the hole leading into chamber II, and 1) the other hole in the divider plate between II and III. If not, you will create the same turbulence and cancellation as the mod done on chamber I. Honestly these would sound not much different than a muffler delete, maybe a little more mild but I think you would like it. The only benefit I see this to me is to have no resonators, and then the modded mufflers. The huge stock muffler heavy boxes will absorb vibrations and dampen the tail pipe while getting an awesome sound but will still be kind of loud at idle. This is why I'm possibly looking into a vacuum valve thing maybe in the far future.

    Oh wow, I used an air powered cut off wheel but felt bad cause it took forever/ate up my friend's discs. I'm sure it'd be easier with a MIG like you suggested but didn't have one
  10. GS400V8
    03-24-17 01:42 PM
    Thanks for the video, although I have to say I couldn't hear much difference but if it sounds a little different in person then that is cool. You might hear it more if you delete the third cat, and/or resonators. If I had another chance, I think I would do the mod on my previous response. From what I hear, this is how the new GS mufflers are more or less made.

    How are you liking the 2005 tail lights? I can't wait to do those, that will be my last cosmetic mod besides thinking about a wingless trunk. Ill get those done after my TC and Shift kit.

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