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Conversation Between 02SDGS and ES3_Ray
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  1. 02SDGS
    06-22-10 10:38 AM
    I mean i am not changing it, a mechanic is, so i am assuming he will tell me what needs to be done, i hope, Where is this bearing so i can tell him to look it over
  2. ES3_Ray
    06-22-10 10:12 AM
    there is a bearing in there that i think you should replace at your own discretion, just when you take it out, inspect it. last time i took mine out, it was rusted and it made a big difference in steering smoothness. i would say pick it up, just in case. as for the mounts, just inspect the rubber that you can see from the engine bay. if it makes noise, it'll probably have to be replaced.
  3. 02SDGS
    06-21-10 10:09 PM
    I have a 138k miles right now, i am only replacing the front 2 struts and will be riding on original springs. It should handle better then now correct? And will the original mounts be ok you think?
  4. ES3_Ray
    06-21-10 07:55 PM
    The monroes are probably the only ones that will give you the oem ride with what seems like better than oem quality. however, it will not make the ride any stiffer than you are used to. I highly recommend them, they come with a lifetime warranty when i bought them from pepboys, ive replaced them once because of my cut springs i rode on for a while, no questions asked.
  5. 02SDGS
    06-21-10 05:01 PM
    Hey, how do you like your monroes? I am looking for new struts and monroes are the ones my mechanic suggested, and also did you replace all 4 or just front? My guy said i would be ok doing just the front

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