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What is a voucher and why do I need one? Why did my FS/FT thread get closed? READ ME!

What is a voucher and why do I need one? Why did my FS thread get closed?


We're having to moderate many threads in the classified forum and many members are not taking the time to read or follow our classified rules. Like this post, they are stuck at the top of this forum and I hope that maybe you'll read one or both of these threads...

So you are reading this post because you're wondering why your high dollar item for sale thread was closed or deleted, or because a moderator asked you to have a vouch post in your thread. I created this thread because I keep getting asked "what is a voucher?" after having to ask a member for one. The vouch concept has always been explained in the classified rules but I'll add some more detail in this post for you.

Here's the high dollar sales rule and the text about vouchers from the linked classified rules:

Rules for Sellers
4. High dollar sales. Members who have recently joined our forum or those members with less than 300 posts (regardless of join date) who post high dollar items for sale may have their threads closed or removed due to the increased risk to our members. High dollar items are generally those over $500 but may be set lower based on our classifieds moderator teams discretion. All members selling high dollar items should be prepared and proactive in offering references from other CL members who know them, on other forums, etc. This is referred to as a 'vouch', and the voucher must post directly and publicly in your for sale thread.

Moderators and members may ask for vouches to make sure someone who is known to our Club Lexus community knows the seller and/or has inspected the item being sold. Vouchers for high dollar sales are expected to personally know the member you're vouching for and will need to commit to be personally involved if there is any issue with the sale or product being sold. The member selling the item is reponsible for proactively contacting the vouching member and having them post in their thread or PM the moderator who closed their thread requesting a vouch. Don't wait to be asked, as your thread may be deleted.
To further clarify this rule... if you don't have very many posts on our forum (regardless of how long you have been a member) and are selling an item for more than $500 you need to have someone you know post a 'vouch' in your for sale thread. It is the seller's duty to line up this vouch (not the moderator) and get them to post in your FS thread.

If you are starting a FS thread and know you need a voucher, you should name them or post that you'll have them vouch for you shortly when you create the thread. Generally the voucher should post within 12 hours of you creating your FS thread. Just naming your voucher is not good enough - they need to publicly post in your thread. Referencing previous vouches in other threads more than two months old doesn't work either - you need a fresh vouch to make sure things haven't changed.

Your voucher needs to be a well-established Club Lexus member with > 500 posts and > 1 year on our forum. The intent is to have someone well connected to the CL community who has more 'skin in the game' and personal connection should something go awry with your transaction.

How can I get somebody to vouch for me?
Your voucher can be someone you know personally or locally that is a CL member. It can be someone you have met at Club Lexus meets that has seen your items for sale. Or it can be someone you have done a previous successful transaction with on CL (buying a high dollar item from them) who has all your personal information. It can be the Club Lexus vendor you bought the item from. We'll also consider a voucher who has bought lower-dollar items from you from our classified forums with great success, but you may need more than one of these.

Note that your voucher must meet the post and membership duration criteria stated above. Do not create blind posts asking for a voucher on CL or on other forums... this will cause your access to the classified forums to be permanently revoked. The voucher must be comfortable in putting their reputation on our forum on the line and take personal accountability for your sale, so anybody that vouches for you under those conditions may also be banned from the classifieds.

We've also had a few shady folks create fake accounts to vouch for themselves, or to work around sales restrictions. If you do this you will be banned permanently from Club Lexus.

Some other considerations related to vouchers you should know about...

VOUCHERS READ THIS (or why someone might not want to vouch for you): A request for a vouch is not to be taken lightly: If you don't know someone well, keep in mind YOU are putting your account at risk to make good any problem with the transaction. You become the person who will chase down the seller if they don't send the item or it is not as described to help resolve the situation. If there is an issue and you don't perform this duty, your account is at risk of losing classifieds access or other restriction.

If you vouch for someone who is a vendor selling in bulk in our classifieds (not an approved Club Lexus vendor) you will be banned from the forum. The classifieds are for personal sales only in small volume.

It's nothing personal: We aren't passing judgement on you personally because we ask for a vouch. Our classified rules are for the protection of our members and they have been developed over time and unfortunately at the expense of many members taken by ripoff artists or bad transactions

You don't have to sell it here: Our classifieds clearly are not the only place to sell your items on the internet. If you don't have a voucher and can't find one for a high dollar item you want to sell, then simply don't post it for sale here and risk ruining your chance to sell in the future. Participate in the community and sell later when you have met our criteria.

Spam posting to drive up your post count: if we see a member who has obviously spammed our forum with useless posts in order to get to 300 posts to sell here, we are going to still require a vouch and more likely will remove your spam posts / post count. However it is likely we'll simply ban the member from the forum if we find anyone working around the rules in this manner as it represents a risk to our membership.
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