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LexusRules 03-25-01 12:21 PM

i was driving in the parkin lot (like usuall) and i was crusing (no harder than usuall) then when i stopped, the rpms stayed at 2000 and did not come down until 1-2 seconds after i was stoppe :confused: then it dropped and the idle went lower than i had ever seen! i thought the engine was going to stall out! what could this have been? slippage n e where? false tach? (it was fine from then on) the engine sounded like it was less that 2000 but when the tach dropped from 2000 i could hear the engine drop some too.... :( did i mess my lex?

p.s. i turned it off and back on, then it was fine, with a bit of a low idle, and my mom drive it semi hard too, nothing wrong, it was just creepy, anyone know?

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