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which brand of coolant??

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the really sad thing is that good ol ethylene glycol green works just as good as any of these others in terms of protection...

the reason all of these others were ever invented was all marketing... automakers saw that they could extend the life of antifreeze and claim less maintenance for their vehicles...

here's where it all goes wrong though - if something happens to the cooling system in that longer lifespan, you might not be inclined to check it because your coolant is supposed to last 60k instead of 30k miles...

I have worked in the auto industry for quite some time and have seen just as many cooling system problems with all the alternatives, including Toyota red/pink and GM Dexcool as with standard ethylene glycol green...

Give me a car that has been well maintained with any coolant versus one that hasn't been completely maintained with the exact right coolant any day...
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Originally Posted by mitsuguy View Post
the really sad thing is that good ol ethylene glycol green works just as good as any of these others in terms of protection...
Green works the best in older engines, but I've noticed its not too nice on plastic/aluminum radiators if not changed out regularly - I leave green in for no more than 1 year. We've had a Mercedes 420SEL that went through a radiator on green, the factory calls for G-05.

G-05 combines the best of both worlds - long life and just like green, is universally compatible. Mercedes and John Deere have been using the stuff for decades, Ford and Mopar just started using it a few years ago.
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My '92 Integra with 215K just broke it's OEM radiator (plastic and alum.) and I ran it on everything from Prestone to Peak and I changed it out yearly just before the winter so I have a fresh batch for the winter.

I'm all for OEM if it's any different than OTC (i.e. Toyota red vs. Prestone) but what's more important is to not abuse the fluids and maintain proper maintenace schedules.
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Default How to add coolant...

Hello, first time posting. I have a 2005 lexus ls430 ultra purchased last year. I wanted to check the fluids on it myself (not too handy but usually top off fluids if needed, etc.). It took my a while to "find" the overflow bottle since you seem to have look FORWARD to see a little window, but I finally found it and noticed the cold coolant level was a bit below the "fill" mark and wanted to add some. HOWEVER: The radiator or overflow cap appears to be under a plastic part at the very front of the engine compartment that is screwed on b 2 phillips screws.

Well, I unscrewed one and lifted off that half, but it appears the screw first in some kind of screw-holder that once it comes out does NOT go back in... the bottom part expands. Once I lifted out that half I had to squeeze that screw holder to fit back in the whole. I was afraid to take off the second half thinking I might not even have put the first half back properly... It (the apparent cover) didn't feel seated properly in the whole, and the screw while firmly in the holder was not tight (on both sides actually, even the one I did not unscrew).

The thing is the owner's manual says NOTHING about a cover for the coolant overflow bottle area and especially about the fact that that cover seems to have a one-way feature.

Does anyone know if I am doing something wrong here? On every other car I've ever owned (a buick and a plymouth) you see the entire overflow bottle and simply open the cap...

While I am at it, to change the air filter (not explained in manual), how to I remove the engine cover? There appear to be two screws or bolts towards the middle of the cover, does these need to be removed? And what tool/size is needed?

Sorry for these basic questions but I've never seen a car that is so hard to access for just the basics (coolant and air filter).'

I love the forums and thanks!
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prestone extended life ingredients:
ethylene glycol
diethylene glycol
sodium 2-ethyl hexanoate
sodium neodecanoate
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where do you guys recycle your fluids btw?
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I think, in the toilet.
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From the Owner's Manual

Coolant type selection

Use of improper coolants may damage your engine
cooling system. Your coolant must contain
ethylene–glycol type coolant for a proper corrosion
protection of your engine that contains aluminum
Use ”Toyota Long Life Coolant” or

The equivalent has worked perfectly fine for me.
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So I have been reading the posts from beginning to end and I thought I could put some money worth more than $.02 into this discussion.
#1 I drive a 1996 lexus sc400 originally bought in 1996 and I have been using the red coolant and mobil 1 oil and Toyota tranny fluid.
#2 only recently within the past 3 years , I have been using pink Toyota fluid because that's all my dealer sells.
#3 since 96' I have not replaced the radiator. I have not had to. I only replaced thermostat and hoses and have done the timing belt and water pump once since ive owned the car, and the mechanic told me I really didn't need to. I just recently replaced the valve cover gaskets and I have to tell you, when I removed those covers my internals still look new. For you guys who are being so cheap with your cars, WAKE UP.
#4 I DO NOT , and I repeat, DO NOT use over the counter garbage in my car. now someone said interval changes of fluids never hurt his car and he used walmart stuff I think. hes right about interval changing. all fluids lubricants and additives only last soo long. I don't wait until 100,000 miles to change stuff. I do it every start of a new season. IE; summertime for cooloant and thermostat. and 3000 miles for oil. and 20,000 miles for tranny oil. I just replace 2 qts and drain and fill. simple. Just do it ever 6 oil changes. keeps the lube fresh keeps the parts from being damaged due to heat and it doesn't cost me much extra. 2 qrts from the dealer of tranny fluid is 11 bucks. coolant is 20 bucks each and I buy 2 qts. its not much to pay if you think about having to buy a whole new radiator OEM 200 something bucks.

Long story short. Stick to what the engineers made specifically for our cars. if you drive a ford then I feel bad for you. The engineers must be high when they put things together,lol . Thank you folks. Have a great day
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