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ImAllIynn 03-23-14 09:23 AM

Pandora Interference with iPhone
I've signed up for Lexus's Enform service and linked my apps from my iPhone to the car. The only app I'm using is Pandora, since I'm determined to be the last human on earth to have a Facebook account :)!

I noticed a couple of strange things and wondered if you experienced the same, assuming you're also using the Enform & apps services.

First, when using the Pandora app from the car, make sure you turn off the Pandora app on your iPhone. Otherwise, it confuses the system and my music was actually coming from my Pandora app on the phone rather than the car, thru bluetooth, so that the music did not match the tag id on the head unit. Turning off the Pandora app on the phone quickly fixed that.

Second, again when using the Pandora app from the car, I received a phone call, which came thru the car's stereo (as it's supposed to). I had a passenger with me, so I picked up my phone and answered with the iPhone, private call option. Within a couple of seconds, the music started playing on the phone and I could hear both the caller and the music. Caller could not hear the music. I hung up, switched band to XM and recalled my friend and all was well.

How about you?

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