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RLNTHNDR 06-26-13 05:36 PM

New vehicle, New member..
Hey yall. Just brought home a 2013 LX570 last night in the Metallic Grey color. Was hoping for white but the dealer said its the only one they had, and Honestly I wanted a grey when I bought my X5 and got a white one so funny how things work out.

IM still exploring all the things it does and finding new little things every time I drive it. I drove it at night for the first time tonight and I love all the accent lighting. So thoughtful. My first lexus ever. Figured it was time to give them a shot. So far Im getting used to everything. But boy im excited about it!

I do have one question. I dont understand how the rear liftgate works. Sometimes I press the button by the steering wheel and it just does a long beep and doesnt open. Sometimes it does.

Also it wont open powered when I depress the latch above the license plate. I have to use the fob, and I like just having the key card in my wallet.


Seize 06-26-13 07:02 PM

Congrats on the LX and welcome to Club Lexus!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your new ride :)

rominl 06-26-13 09:53 PM

wooho, welcome to clublexus and congrats on your awesome ride!

ggebhardt 06-27-13 01:24 AM

If inside the vehicle, the doors must be unlocked to operate the back door by using the cockpit button. You must also be in park. If you are at the back door with fob in pocket, press and hold the door release and it should open. Note the "dimple" to the right of the door release. Push it and it will lock all the doors just like pushing one of the handle buttons on the other doors, but only if the back door is closed.

The Lexus keyless entry is one of my favorite features and will spoil you to all other vehicles. I just got my 5k service completed yesterday and this is my third LX.

Hope you enjoy, this forum is full of information! WELCOME!

CBRDude 07-01-13 11:44 AM

You're gonna love it! Everytime I get it I find something else new. Found the third row third head rest over the weekend. Pays to read the owner's manual! Duh...

I drive an Infiniti and the LX is for the wife. Although I think my youngest daughter has claimed it as her ride.

We had bought a 2012 VW TDI Touareg Executive last spring and had to lemon it. Great car, crappy service record.

The only thing bad about the entire deal is the local dealer is over whelmed in the service department! They built a seperate service facility in the back 40. The three lounges are over the top. You can't get near the place on Saturday morning it's total choas. Parking is also an issue.

The great thing...They are open til 11 PM 365 days a week which is positive! I guess when you drop this kind of money you expect to be waited on at any hour of the day?

gstanton 07-06-13 05:24 PM

Prepare to drive it a lot , & feel great every trip

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