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MJR 06-22-13 04:11 PM

LX570 rear liftgate won't stay closed
Having problems with my rear power liftgate on my 2011 LX570.. When it is open if I press the close button on the rear door it closes then beeps twice and opens up again. Every thing is clear by the door jam and all of the pieces look fine (nothing bent). When I close the door manually I can hear the lock cycle so that is engaging.

This feels like an electronic problem. The button on the dash and on the key fob only work intermittently to open the door and neither will close it. Yes the rear door off button is not engaged either.

Any ideas besides demonic possession?

DenverSC 06-24-13 03:00 AM

Gosh, I don't know, but a simple reset at the dealer might cure it. Are you still under warranty?

ggebhardt 06-25-13 02:03 AM

I would guess a sensor defective and needs to be replaced. There are so many things built into these mechanisms to protect us and Lexus.

MJR 06-29-13 10:03 AM

So I took it to the dealer today. They spent an hour trying to figure it out. No fault codes. Reset didn't work. They think its out of alignment slightly and suggested I take it to a body shop. I've never had an accident so it cant be a frame problem. The door closes flush so if there is a misalignment it's very minor. I have an appt in 2 weeks at the shop.

I feel the dealership is punting a bit and I don't want to get hit with a big bill to replace parts of the door. Any help greatly appreciated.

SaniDel 06-29-13 07:19 PM

You think? What does the dealership want the body shop to do ... bend metal? Unless there was damage, this is Lexus' problem. I'm disappointed that your dealership is trying dodge this as this isn't what I would expect of Lexus ... we've owned ten and they have "owned any problem" that came with their vehicles.

Lexus replaced two of our ten ... both were LX ... and they should fix this for you, but you have to expect it. Be nice, but be firm ... they may have to replace both rear gates to fix this, but it is their problem and not yours.


P.S. Listen for the "magic phrase" ... it is not field repairable! That's your cue to expect a replacement vehicle.

MJR 07-01-13 09:36 AM

Dealer thinks a hinge is bent but they don't do body repairs there. Ill update as events unfold. If anyone has a detailed procedure to reset all of the safety features on the rear lift gate that would be helpful. The 2 lines in the manual are not.

ggebhardt 07-02-13 04:24 AM

You need to escalate this to the regional Lexus office if they do not fix. Claiming a hinge is bent is not valid unless there was damage and some kind of misalignment.

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