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Welcome to CL 12-20-01 07:45 AM

Welcome to Club Lexus! LS owner roll call & member introduction thread, POST HERE!

When you get your new (or new to you) LS please introduce yourself and your vehicle here!

Tell us some details about your new Lexus including:

- Model and package (460L, 600h, F-Sport, etc)
- Color of the exterior and Interior
- Options

and congratulations!

Dr. Jekyll 02-15-16 05:51 PM

2014 LS460 F-Sport RWD
Obsidian Black / Black w/ Real Aluminum Interior
Comfort Package
Mark Levinson Stereo
Pre-Collision & Blind Spot Monitoring

Hokievic 02-15-16 07:02 PM

Victor. Live in Plano, Texas.
2007 LS460
Comfort package.
Mercury Metallic with dark stone interior.

Owned for about a month and am real impressed with everything about this car!

VIPanda460 02-17-16 12:58 AM

2015 LS460 F-Sport RWD
Ultra White
Comfort Package
Mark Levinson Stereo
Blind Spot Monitor w/ Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Sbundrick 02-17-16 03:41 AM

2013 LS460
Last car was a 2003 Lexus 430 LS traded it in with 207,000 miles and it was still running like a champ

AznRacer 02-17-16 06:54 AM

2013 LS460 F-Sport AWD
Black on Black
Comfort Package
Mark Levinson
Blind spot monitoring

R Z 02-17-16 07:48 AM

2008 LS460 RWD base model
Black on black
Levinson sound system/DVD/HDD

It's no longer new to me, but it's still only got 58,800 miles.

XF40FSPORT 02-19-16 02:40 PM

2013 LS460 F-Sport RWD
Ultra White/Black
Comfort Package
Blind spot & Rear cross traffic monitor

kaliehulum 02-20-16 11:21 AM

grant 2007 LS460 grey/black setting on 22s

ozmangrant 03-01-16 06:39 AM

2007 LS460L
MIca Grey - outside
Light/dark Grey - Inside
Exec Package
Mods and wheels coming soon

AxleBrick 03-07-16 02:38 PM
New owner as of today. 2008 LS460. Love it.
One owner and he was 78 years old and thankfully extremely OCD. It has 79,700 miles and flawless. He took it to the dealership for every little thing like insisting in nitrogen when PSI was low.
I don't know what package it is but it has everything.

Scrutator 03-09-16 06:30 PM

Okay, I'm about two months late to the game but here goes:

In January I purchased a 2013 F Sport AWD in Matador Red with 25,000 miles. It's my understanding that this particular combination is about as rare as hen's teeth.

This is my fourth Lexus, not counting the prior wife's mid-'90s SC 300 and SC 400 which I never drove. I started with a '91 LS I got used in '94 for $27K with low miles. Then I got a CPO '98 around 2001 till I got my 2006 LS 430 new. Had that for ten years till I decided to get my current car. (It's for sale, BTW)

Was, (am) a member of another Lexus online forum but that one seems to have died on the vine. So here I am, with new questions, insights, and experiences with the fourth generation LS. Got the AWD because I plan to relocate from Los Angeles to Big Bear Lake, which for those who don't know is about 70 miles east of L.A. in the San Bernardino mountains. There are two ski resorts in the city and another nearby so we really do get all four seasons.

TMRYAN 03-15-16 02:13 PM

new guy here
Name is Tyler , just traded my bmw for 2007 ls 460 black on black I love this car ! im in Maryland

pmlexus 03-17-16 05:53 PM

Hello I have been lurking on here for 4 months and never posted anything. I picked up my 08 LS 460 back in November when I traded in my leased 14' IS 250 F sport. I have always loved the LS and this is my 5th Lexus model. I picked it up from a loyal Lexus Dealer her in Jacksonville and I have been collecting parts and making plans for it since i got it.

Here she is the day i traded in my IS

Here she is today.

kaliehulum 03-17-16 09:04 PM

This is the wife's car.

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