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ikeb 11-27-13 11:51 AM

Went to LA Auto Show
Looked at the new 2014 LS at the LA Auto Show Sunday and to tell you the truth - I don't see much difference in the 2010 that i have and the new 2014.

Yes, Lexus moved some stuff around on the dash board and it has a new front grill (like the 2013), but that's it. No - Wow, I have to have one of those!!

After seeing the new 2014, I purchased a 4 year extended warranty from Lexus for my car (it only has 18,000 miles on it anyway)

korlexus 01-13-14 01:51 PM

Newer models of Lexus tried too hard to be sporty.
I like how older models are. It it just classy :)

Shibumi1 01-14-14 03:00 AM


Originally Posted by korlexus (Post 8325412)
Newer models of Lexus tried too hard to be sporty.
I like how older models are. It it just classy :)

agreed 100%

Devh 01-14-14 09:05 AM

Lexus needs that fake sporty image to appeal to Mercedes and BMW owners. Unfortunately power and handling is selling cars to a new generation of owners that are being led by marketing not purpose.

Lexus LS is a luxury sedan period and they should keep their focus and become the odd sensible one that invests it's money in the interior and luxurious ride then the gadgetry of the other brands. If they went in the opposite direction and built a truly focused luxury car then the automotive press will turn on the European rivals and make them seem excessive.
I mean really do you need to add twin turbos to a V8 for luxury. Lexus should take their V12 motor and updated it for the newly designed LS flagship and improve on the coach work, and they will sell cars.

I think one thing they did right for the new model is to give it that retro Japanese interior. Lexus needs to stick to Japanese luxury which is incorporating their culture, art and philosophy in their cars then trying to keep up with their German rivals.

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