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Luxofreak 11-12-13 11:11 PM

Any major redesign soon for the LS-460?
Since this '13 version isn't really a new body redesign, I wonder if there is a major totally new LS in the works.

I went to the Lexus dealer and the truth is all cars look the same. The spindle grill across all models makes the LS look just like all others.

I've contemplated upgrading from my '07 but the changes in styling gave me pause. The interior is better, electronics obviously up to date enough on the '13 but.... I don't see why Lexus didn't make their flagship sedan look completely apart from the rest of their line up.

Will it be a new generation LS anytime soon? 2015?

aypues 11-14-13 11:55 AM

it will probably come in 2015 as a 2016 model. They usually go in 3 year intervals between updates/refreshes.

CJITTY 11-14-13 12:11 PM

I hope Lexus catches on to having their flagships a little more aggressive in wheel and offsets department. It's a damn shame that you need to throw 20mm spacers on the front and rear just to get the tires close to to flush on a sport model LS and the tires not looking like pizza slicers from behind. Even though its a 1/2" difference on some of the IS models, even they run staggered. Why can't they do that on the LS. Looks so much better and some mild bennies for a RWD platform car to have staggered. Even if I had an LS sport and kept it stock, the spacers would be a must have...looks amazingly better

tyrenfroe 11-14-13 03:41 PM

MY2017 or MY2018. The auto industry is increasingly driven by government mandates, not by customer demand or engineering/performance breakthroughs. U.S. CAFE standards will severely constrain vehicles allowed into the American market over the next decade, so substantive model changes are still five to seven years away.

Tee 11-15-13 06:27 AM

Check this thread for future Lexus products.

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