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If you're not excited about Lexus BUILD/DESIGN Quality ......

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If you're not excited about Lexus BUILD/DESIGN Quality ......

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Default If you're not excited about Lexus BUILD/DESIGN Quality ......

Recently, in 1 thread, some dissatisfied Lexus peeps mentioned something about Jags as a possible alternative. The 2010 XJ was a highly-touted automobile for many reasons. It was a total re-design to appeal to younger, more affluent buyers, with new features, and built to a higher standard of quality. So how did it hold up in the first couple of years ?

Well, I did a quick Google search on Jaguar quality. You might be surprised to read just a LITTLE of what I found. All these findings do is to reinforce how great an automobile Lexus actually gives us. Nothing is purr-fect, but LEXUS comes close most times. A few hick-ups along the way .... what in Life doesn't have some ?

But all in all, after reading this below, and other comments (made to me by friends) about the amount of time M-B and Beemer owners spend either in or at ($$$) the repair centers of dealerships, I'll just LOVE our Lexus a little more.

Here goes ..... Please keep in mind this was a quick search and not designed to be 'all inclusive.' By the way ..... it was VERY hard to find any positive comments from owners.

Jaguar is recalling 6,475 2010-'11 XJ sedans because the windshield wipers could detach from the vehicle. (Nov 2010).

The power is strong BUT it rides like a TRUCK …… nothing like the last 3 Jags I owned. At 1st I was impressed with the entire package, but now after driving it for 600 miles the ride stinks. Too rough - You feel every bump and crack in the road.

I ordered this vehicle sight unseen in August of 2009. I was told it would be available in January. Then it became March, and now it is June and the car still has not been delivered. They said there were some software problems and they wanted to make sure that there were no issues with the car before they released it. Well, thus far its been 3 months and still no deliveries.

This just might be my last Jag ! $ 85,000 and there are flaws. Most of the professional reviewers must have been paid to write their reviews. "A smooth ride" - what a joke. ! This car is for the 30 somethings …not for adults, unless you need to be knocked around while driving.

Just a few minor niggles: The rear cup holders are positioned in a way that makes them virtually unusable. The wood grain on the front doors does not match that across the dash (under the windshield).. And there’s more …….

I've had my XJL SC 16 weeks. Look at this REPAIR rate ! 2 weeks after taking delivery, it was in the shop to have multiple rattles and pops repaired. 3 weeks later, I got it back, free of pops and rattles. Yesterday, I got in the car and the audio system was only putting out sound on the passenger side. Hoped it was a fluke, but NO !~ Same problem this morning. And these aren't the only issues - Edmunds only gives me so much space so I cannot deny that this car is compelling to drive. On the days that everything works, it is a true pleasure. The build quality and reliability are abysmal though.

Have any of you new XJ owners noticed a popping noise in the roof/sunroof area of your cars when the car is twisted/torqued (such as driving up a drive way or ripple in pavement ? I got my car back in June and have had it in several times to diagnose this. Any ideas ? Also, other issues I'm noticing:

1) My clock will not stay on standard time. I've set it consistently to 12 hr. and it always reverts to military time.
2) I cannot get the valet pin to stay loaded.
3) I'm starting to hear a little noise rattle from the brakes/brake pedal on very rough surfaces

Yes, I have the "popping" roof. It is extremely annoying and even more embarrassing when others are riding in your $90,000 car. I have had numerous other failures as well. I won't repeat them here, but check out my other posts. The popping sound alone, is enough to return this car. Extremely annoying !

I got it back today. After removing the headliner and generally dirtying up the interior of the vehicle, tightening some bolts here and there ... the problem is now WORSE. First the service tech said it was fixed, but the sunroof (or panorama roof) would pop/knock when I open it. I was like, what ? - the sun roof never made any noises. They then got the tech who fixed it, and he said something else - that it won't pop under "normal driving conditions" now, but will still pop turning onto driveways, aprons, etc. He said Jag was looking into this and they would have to wait to hear back on how to fix it once and for all. No indication on when that might happen. But in driving it off, it started to pop/knock more than before. I'm sorry, but making a Right Turn is a "normal driving condition" ??? For that matter, pulling in and out of a driveway is as well. They left it on EMPTY, so I went to get gas (more popping when I turned into the gas station), and then I noticed the back part of the driver’s seat in the foot well area had been pulled off and not reinstalled. I took it back so that they could fix that. They also told me at one point it was ‘shifting glass’ causing the noise. When I said ‘shifting glass’ doesn’t sound good, sounds like something that could shatter, and they said don’t worry it’s “safety glass”. I’m not sure how to take that … am I suppose to feel better now knowing that if/when it does shatter, my kids won’t be injured by falling glass ? This issue alone, especially considering the dealer is not sure what the problem is, and the Jag NA person (I just spoke to) appears to not have heard of it, is more than enough reason take action to compel them to take back the car or replace it with a new one in proper working order. I’m told it will now kick up to the technical team at corporate. At this point, who cares …. I’ve been living with a new $90,000 car for 90+ days that has not worked properly since the day it was delivered – with a constant popping noise, and electrical system/software failures, etc.

My electric shade doesn't work, I hit the button and just hear the motor noise , my shade is stuck open, so I hope it's just the motor popped out and is causing the rattling.

Mine did this as well and my dealer replaced the battery. they said there was a service bulletin about battery draw. Since replacing the battery and reflashing the system it hasn’t happened again.

Ya know, I feel so about our LS, I think i'll go out in the cold(er) weather and wash "the little Baby." I think it'll make both of us feel better. Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Mikey Lulejian - Lake Oconee, GA

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little quirks dont bother as i think i can handle its the shop time and the fact that the dealer has no clue. i love my lex third one bmw are cool but they have there problems which im not willing to deal with plus there interior are out dated.
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I've been following a few new model XJ forums here and there. All these problems you've mentioned above are from the first year production run, most of them have been fixed. But of course, being a smaller company that has changed hands several times, Jaguar still has a long way to go in the realm of reliability, the same way Lexus still has a long way to go in the realm of more appealing designs. I love my LS460 for what it is - a very reliable car, with very low cost of ownership and maintenance. I really like the new Jaguar XJ for its style and performance, as well as how it feels when driven. I will not buy an XJ yet though - because at this price point I can't accept its elementary flaws. Once they're solved for good, I think my garage will welcome one. But... I am keeping my LS460 after all, when it comes to worry free operation, I don't know any car that comes close to it.
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For me jaguar is better car regardless anything you could find on net, and I am certain about that. Even some small things like to program Lexus to open all door you need to bing it in a dealer, or not up porting national characters in address book or songs names. All European car have it. But returning to build qualit, I can read many complains like Lexus ages too fast. Anyway, I am proud owne of leis just because I can't afford jaguar.
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By the way, before anyone feels as tho' my thread might border on "bashing'" ... please know Miss Barbie's car is a Carnival Red (coloring matching our Noble Spinel Mica LS460) Jag XJ VandenPlas. It's been a GREAT vehicle, relatively repair-free. Of course, it's a long ways from the new 2010-2011 Jag XJ's. And FORD owned Jag when ours was manufactured. Not Tada.

And yet ........ If Barbie gets a new(er) car, she wants her own Lexus. Not another Jag. She says she deserves a far superior & quality 'ride" than a new Jag provides.

Best Wishes to all, Mikey Lulejian - in the backwoods of Central Georgia

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