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LexFather 05-22-07 12:53 AM

Official 4LS Modification Thread

This thread is not going to be as large as the GS or IS threads but there are some modded LS sedans already.


LexFather 05-22-07 12:53 AM

LexFather 05-22-07 12:54 AM

LexFather 05-22-07 12:55 AM

LexFather 05-22-07 12:55 AM

JP Sport kit

LexFather 05-22-07 12:55 AM

Photo credits to

LexFather 05-22-07 12:57 AM

Type 1 Kit Exterior:



LexFather 05-22-07 12:57 AM

Got some pix of LSs from various tuners.



I want to say D-2 (Derrick) put these together.

Seize 05-22-07 08:34 AM

Great thread SICK! I love seein' fixed up LS460s' :thumbup:

PhilipMSPT 05-22-07 09:23 AM

Some are great, others not so great.

People need to understand that the LS is all about luxury, not sport. Some of that look too sporty and out of place. Nothing wrong with making the LS sportier, but c'mon! Carbon fiber dash kits do NOT make the LS sportier... :rolleyes:

Gojirra99 05-22-07 09:27 AM

That carbon fibre interior trim is horrible !! :thumbdn: :thumbdn: :eek1:

h2o_247 05-22-07 11:54 AM

Just want to post some pix of 2 LSs' with Datasystem's ASC680L Controller

Here are some pics of a LS that is lowered with a "Cut Screw" kit

Pictures courtesy of Lexus Musts



GFerg 05-22-07 12:52 PM

I like most of them!! :thumbup: Great kits out there.

Whats a "cut screw" mod?? Does it literally mean cut screw?

Luxofreak 05-22-07 01:08 PM

This thread should be called "Pimp my Lexi" - for my taste most mods here are awful. The only set of wheels that does anything for this car IMHO is the WALD Aufzahlen.

trusso 05-22-07 04:42 PM

any word on ability of mods for the hybrid?

the dealer said probably cannot do wheels, it would mess up the regenerative braking.


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