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Lavrishevo 04-13-14 05:29 PM

Does smart key auto-lock if you walk away?
I parked at my usual long-term covered parking and I specifically remember not locking my car after getting through security... hahaha. I know, one of those moments when you realized you told yourself to do something but you still did not do it. Anyway, spoke to a manager who went and checked and locked my car. Called me back and indeed said it was unlocked. I thought the smart key system was supposed to do this for you. :thumbdn:

writes123 04-13-14 05:49 PM

I've had the same experience.

LEX ES300 04-13-14 07:16 PM

Nup they dont do that. The only time mine autolocks is if I walk up to the car and unlock it with the smart key remote but then dont open any doors, then it will autolock again after about 20 to 30 seconds. It will only autolock if it was locked to begin with and then unlocked with the remote but no doors are opened.

On another issue I want the doors to autolock whilst driving but mine doesnt have the option in my country. Very annoying. I want to try an american door lock ecu!

Zodiac 04-13-14 10:19 PM

I don't recall my car ever auto lock when I walked away from the vehicle. The first thing I did when I purchased my LS was changed the CBest settings to auto lock when i put the vehicle in Drive and Unlock when put into Park. Very useful features especially with small children.

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