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1WILLY1 11-09-13 02:10 PM

Has anyone upgraded their audio system in the LS430???
Hey Guys,

a good song came on in my car a few days ago so I turned up the volume, and the speaker/woofer in the back blew surprisingly easy.

So I went to the local audio shop here and put a down payment on a simple set up of two 12's(250 RMS each) in the back with a 300 watt amp.

After getting the specs on the set up I went online and checked them out and realized I was way overpaying for a very 'beginner type" set up, so I decided to piece together my own set up of higher quality parts and more power.

So my predicament is this, ive now purchased two KAPTION SPL 12 inch subwoofers at 500-100RMS watts each, and when I went to place an order for a 1000W Fosgate amp, I was warned from another customer that sometimes these set ups can cause a host of electrical issues with the car.

So basically im now scared to death of even doing this, I know our cars have a very sophisticated electrical system, with lots of sensors and gadgets and I don't want to affect any of them in any way.

I was told it puts extra strain on the alternator and battery, those im fine with, if they have a shorter life span I don't mind , they are fairly easy to replace, but im wondering if theres anything else I neded to worry about???

can this put strain on all the other sensors in any way? Can it affect the computers or ECU's crutial to the car?

Any info will be appreciated, thanks a lot guys as always

bmore430 11-09-13 02:25 PM

If you wanted to keep it simple a jl audio 1000w amp with a single 10 or 12" w6 or w7 will be more than enough to keep you happy and a tried and true reliable set up and still keep your trunk space

1WILLY1 11-09-13 02:53 PM

thanks man^^^ so a lot of other ls430 guys have tried that ?

Ive also just found that there is a 'high output' alternator for our car, that puts out 250 amps instead of the 130 the stock one puts, has anyone ran one of these? Im sure it would solve most of the issues am I right ?

kenshimoto 11-09-13 04:39 PM

i have hertz components and 2 12w7 with alpine amps n caps no back up battery and the lights doesnt dim when bass hit, but have now use only one w7. two is just nuts. go 0gauge and do the big 3 and your good. i went with 4gauge and now i need to redo the wires if i want to upgrade better amps :( .

1WILLY1 11-09-13 06:32 PM

how much RMS Watts were those speakers putting out?

How many watts was your amp?

Kira X 11-09-13 07:13 PM

I recently took my 12 inch Rockford P3 and 500 watt Alpine MRP-M500 out of my SC300 and put it in the LS. It sounds alright and the headlights don't dim even when I turn it up loud. It's a wimpy setup though.

I plan on getting a 13" JL W7, Rockford T1500, Rockford T400 and some speakers in the next few months though. Where did you find that high output alternator? I didn't know they made one.

1WILLY1 11-09-13 07:44 PM

I found them online looks like theres a few to choose from.

My main concern here is I want to make sure that a 1000RMS Watt set up wont somehow damage any of the electrical components such as the ECU's, sensors, or any other crucial electrical.

If it puts premature wear on the battery and ALT I really don't mind all that much.

Do you know how much RMS those JL speakers put out? and 1500 watt amp , that's pretty serious man, you not worried about anything going wrong?

1WILLY1 11-09-13 07:55 PM

holy **** man I just googled it, those speakers are no joke, 1500 RMS per speaker, if your not worried about that then I don't see why I should be worried about mine.

1WILLY1 11-10-13 04:25 PM

1000W system is going to pull approx. 90 amps at full power, our alternators are 130 amps, some people say its fine, others say there can be issues.

Anyone here running a 1000W+ set up in their LS430?

C8V6C 11-10-13 07:04 PM

I still need to install my subs in my car. I have 2 JL12W3s with a 500/1. It's pretty powerful...a true 1000w is gonna be fairly serious (all relative of course) but not where you should need to worry about different alternators/caps etc

My only setback was the lack of wiring diagram to install my hi/lo converter. I was just gonna pay someone to do that, since I don't wanna guess at the wires doing it myself. I can do the rest of the wiring/install.

1WILLY1 11-10-13 07:51 PM

yea my amp is going to be running a 1000W RMS at 1-ohm, so you think it should be fine?

I really don't want to start messing with the alternator and upgrading batteries if I don't have too, if its too much I might just install one of my subs at 500W RMS

HiloDB1 11-10-13 09:28 PM

You will be fine. Music is dynamic so you wont see 1000watts all the time only on peaks and at full volume. I have a 2400watt RMS amp in my Altima that has a 90amp alt in it and dont have issues. The lights do dim on occasion when I have it a full volume song after song.

1WILLY1 11-10-13 10:11 PM

thanks man ^^^^

if anyone else is running a 1000+ W RMS system in their LS430 id love to hear about it , thanks.

Jabberwock 11-10-13 10:16 PM

1000-1500W audio systems in a car....seriously? You guys also better starting putting some serious money aside for some really high quality hearing aids for later in are going to need them.

1WILLY1 11-10-13 10:34 PM

lol I originally put a down payment on a 250W set up, but after realizing for the same price I could have something so much better, I backed out.

Hopefully it is too much power and Ill never really use its full potential, therefore not really putting much strain on my electrical.

but ive always wanted a really powerful bass set up, and now im doing it , so it is what it is .

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