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stemirra 07-14-13 01:19 PM

XPEL Headlight Restoration
I have an 01 ls430 ultra 143K. I have had the headlights professionally refinished twice. They were on their way to getting ugly again (EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A PAMPERED GARAGE KEPT CAR) so this time I tried something different. While researching a better solution I learned of the XPEL process performed by ClearBra franchisee's. (Google Xpel & HEADLIGHTS for more info) I paid the $165 and over 2 hours the technician performed a 15 step rather complicated polishing system that got them back to absolute new showroom condition. (I WAS SHOCKED AT HOW PRETTY THEY WERE.) Then he painstakingly (a "super" difficult install so it is definitely "not" for the do it yourselfer) installed a pre-cut custom quite thick crystal clear protective film (THE KIT EVEN CAME WITH FILMS FOR THE FOG LAMPS) that is scratch proof, protects against rock chips and has a 7 year guarantee to block 100% of UV so they will not cloud gain. The film is so beautiful and you could "NEVER" apply a spray clear UV protector with such CLARIFIED perfection. It ABSOLUTELY looks like the day it came off the assembly line, and at night there was a surprisingly strong gleaming blueish illumination probably never experienced since the original owner when the car was new. A "little costly YES" but well worth "never" having to deal with maintaining these headlights again to keep them georgious. Only time will tell if this is a permanent solution but based on my reasearch (AND WHAT OTHERS ON LINE ARE POSTING ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES) I suspect it will be just fine. JUST THOUGHT I WOULD SHARE THIS WITH YOU.

Kira X 07-14-13 05:43 PM

Thanks for the post! I was just checking out some XPEL products at a local shop and their stuff seems to be worth the price. I'll have to look into getting that kit for my SC300.

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