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drpatel77 11-04-06 10:02 PM

price u paid for ur LS430...
hey guys,

new to this lexus forums... i am thinking about buying my first lexus... i love the LS430.... now that the ls460s are in, i am hoping they will deal more on the 430s.... just would like to know what u paid for ur ....if u can reply with the following info:

price w/ or w/o tax & license..
what package incl.... eg. premier, modern, etc..



lexusk8 11-04-06 10:23 PM

Location: Orlando, FL
Purchased: Lexus of Palm Beach
Car: 2006 LS430 (Cypress Pearl) w/ Premium package, no nav, only 9 miles at the time of purchase
Price: $49,XXX before tax & fees

FD143 11-05-06 09:06 AM

Purchased:Lexus of Kendall
Car:06 LS430 new with Modern Luxury Pkg.(Navi.+Mark Levinson)Color(Flint Mica)
Price:52,200+Taxes and fees.

Eritsuke 11-05-06 11:15 AM

Location: Northern Cali
Purchased: Concord Lexus
Car: 2006 LS430 with Ultra Luxury
Price: 70,000 OTD (I think this is a good deal)

socalJD 11-08-06 02:39 PM

Los Angeles, CA
'06 LS430 Modern pkg, 18" rims, SmartAccess, Pref Access pkg
Longo Lexus - Aug '06
54,000 + ttl (parent's car)

vraa 11-09-06 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Eritsuke (Post 2223559)
Location: Northern Cali
Purchased: Concord Lexus
Car: 2006 LS430 with Ultra Luxury
Price: 70,000 OTD (I think this is a good deal)

We've very close to this in Houston Texas.
Black on black LS430, I'll try to find the spec list and post it with prices.

drpatel77 11-10-06 10:26 PM

thanx guys
hey thanks all ... i am a recent grad and not sure if i want to be committed to a heavy payment like for this car new.. might look for a used... am dying to have a white or black one... what do u think of buying used??? like under 40K miles... reliable or would u rather buy new especially when buying one this expensive..??

alredxiii 11-17-06 07:30 AM

How much did you pay
Location.San Antonio tex
Purchased. JM lexus
04 ls430 black cherry.Ultra luxury package.11700 miles

oversteer 11-18-06 03:44 PM

Bought mine today:
Black on tan - no navigation
Atlanta, GA
84,000 miles

drpatel77 11-19-06 01:33 PM

hey guys,

if i decide to buy used.... where can i get one that's reliable... would u recommend certified (little more money) or u wouldn't care about whether it's certified or not.... also my friend knows someone who can look for one at dealer auctions....


lexusk8 11-19-06 02:29 PM

I would go with the ones listed in the classified section of the paper or Ebay if I want to save some money and take the time to do extra research in the background of the used car. The nice part about buying a used car from a classified ad is that there's room for negotiation of the price, whereas in a dealership you don't necessarily get that kind of luxury.

Eritsuke 11-19-06 10:52 PM

There are two options to what you want to do:

1) Go certified and you can actually get a car that's reliable and still have a warranty on it, which I don't know if you'll ever use.

2) Get a private seller and purchase the car outright from them.

Now the question that you should be asking yourself is: Do I know the seller or the car well enough that I wouldn't need a warranty. I've been driving nothing but Toyotas ever since I got my license, and I've been raised in Toyotas ever since I was born, so I can see that they're pretty reliable, unless you get a car where the owner abused it, but when I mean abuse, I mean he had to really downright abuse it. I have friends that abuse their Toyotas and it still runs perfectly till 200K miles on the car. So in the long run, research, research, and more research on what the car's history is, that's what you should make your decision on, even it's a C.P.O. car, I would still check out it's past.

crowemojo 12-07-06 08:30 AM

Location: Indiana
Car: 2001 LS430, no extra options (purchased in 2006), 60k miles, excellent condition
Price: $21,000

Car's great, I love it. I purchased from a private owner, the nice things about buying used luxury cars like this is a lot of people that are selling them really did a good job taking care of them, keeping service records, etc., so it is definitely possible to find some great cars.

Celsius 12-07-06 03:51 PM

'01 LS430 Ultra Luxury, second owner. Purchased from Lexus of Portland with 94k miles for $29k.:D

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