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lspower 09-05-03 06:07 PM

Suspension spring discussions (The Mother Thread)
tanabe 1.5 front and 1.0 rear, h&r 1.0 all around, or eibach 1.0 all around?


p.s sorry if this has been posted before

RA40 09-09-03 02:54 AM

Depends what ride qualities you want. I posed a similar question to Mario at Toysport and for factory like ride, EIbach was his recco. I've driven several other Lexus models with various spring and strut combos and liked the Eibachs. Though a Tein coil-over equipped GS400 was very nice too. I just didn't want to spend ~$1,200. YMMV

persian451 09-10-03 08:59 PM

has anyone tried h&R?

I heard its really depending on what shock you are using.. Tokico and Eibach are really good

I herd H&R and KYB is an excellent combo

Lvangundy 09-10-03 10:15 PM

Tanabe doesn't make a 1.5 or 1.0.

The only spring they make is the 2" drop "DF210" spring.

ATSOU 09-10-03 10:20 PM

I'm running H&R with KYB. And the ride is great:thumbup:

persian451 09-10-03 10:53 PM

any problems with the camber alightment or uneven tire wear?

lspower 09-10-03 11:14 PM

it says 1.0 rear and 1.5 front unless its a typo

Lvangundy 09-10-03 11:18 PM

Persian - yes.

You'll need to have an alignment done no matter what. Bushings play a part in this too along with your struts. If either or both are worn out you'll have problems aligning.

persian451 09-10-03 11:24 PM

i c... but what about the tires? will i have to worry about replacing tires often?

Wide LS 09-21-03 05:54 AM

Re: best springs
I have a set of H&R's that I used for a few months. They are in good condition. I took them off because I was riding on 18's when I got the Spring but now I upgraded to 20's and if I left it droped the car would rub. I have a '93 LS, so if your intrested PM me.


Originally posted by lspower
tanabe 1.5 front and 1.0 rear, h&r 1.0 all around, or eibach 1.0 all around?


p.s sorry if this has been posted before

nk1983 06-03-04 10:17 PM

Suspension spring discussions (The Mother thread)
Hey guys
I wanna drop my car...ok heres the dilemma. I'm pretty sure Im going with eibach springs ( unless I hear great things about california custom springs..ehm ehm). But I want my car lower than 1-1.5 inches front and back. So can I buy them and get them cut even more? What effect does this have? Please dont tell me to buy coilovers etc. Im a piss poor college student and it took me long enoug hto get money for these. Im thinking around 2.5 inches. ? any help is greatly appreciated as usual..
:thumbup: :D

RA40 06-03-04 10:43 PM

The one concern most any of these passenger cars will have is suspension travel. This is not limited to the suspension arms itself but how much piston travel there will be in the struts once you cut the springs.
On my UCF20 the Eibach's drop the car about 1.4" and with the lower setting on the Bilsteins, close to 2". Todd and I discussed strut travel and we approximate my front to be about 1"-1.25" of strut travel...not much.

Now if you hack off the added spring length to achieve a 2.5" drop, you will likely bottom out the strut and bounce from here to eternity. You'll kill the strut as well as transfer all that energy through the chassis of the car. Any guess how strong the chassis are welded'll find out as it will likely squeak, rattle and groan from the stress. Not worth it to achieve a look and especially on a Lexus.

That is why if you are going beyond 2" we go with adjustable coils-overs as they have adjustments for height and rebound. You can put it in the ground and still have 2"+ of suspension travel and be comfortable

I know it is an exciting thing and we often become impatient...hang loose, when done right, it is well worth it. If you want an aggressive drop, buy the JIC or Tein. As that saying goes, "if it is worth doing, do it right."

We've all been need to rush. :D :)

nk1983 06-03-04 10:47 PM

Thanks for the detailed reply i really appreciate you taking the time out to inform me of these matters. Indeed it means I willl be having my measly 1-1.5 inch drop but oh well :confused:
Ill get you one day jic's!!!

vinegaroon 09-08-04 12:03 PM

spacers for '93 LS400 springs
I would like to lift my LS400 about two inches. The car seems to be sitting to close to the 225/60/16 tires.
I tried replacing the shock/spring units with other used ones, but that didn't do much good. I have heard
that there are rubber spacers that can be placed under the bottom of the springs. This will, of course,
compress the springs somewhat but should also lift the car. I might try a somewhat smaller tire
215/55/16 when my tires wear out. I just think a car that sits a little higher looks better. Will the spring
compression compromise the ride too much? How about the smaller tire size? I don't want to go to the
expense of new spring replacement. Thanks.

RA40 09-08-04 10:24 PM

Could you post a pic showing your car? Is this ride height isolated to front or rear or is it all around?

When the springs were swapped, the rubber upper spring insulators were installed? This accounts for about 1.5" alone.

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