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Caseyjones 07-25-14 09:50 AM

Trunk pin switch/cargo lamp
96 LS400

Trunk cargo light not functioning. All fuses under hood and under drivers side dash are good. Bulb swapped out with new. Socket in good condition.

I found the pin switch adjacent to the latch, there is a black thumb-sized plastic cog that fits over the pin, it was collapsed. The pin bracket appears to be distorted but I cant find any pics of what it should look like. Triggering the PIN switch manually does nothing. I suspect it has been beaten to death by the trunk. Maybe the switch allowed the light to remain on even with the trunk closed and something melted but I cant find any heat damage.

I searched and found nothing on this, no pics or anything. Is this a common fail or a freak occurrence? Does anyone know of a link, or a closeup pic of the trunk pin switch so I can reorient the switch to the correct position and fab up another cog to get it working properly. The switch seems to work when tested with an ohm meter.

Any tips for this fix would be great, this lamp is actually fairly important for us and would prefer not to completely rewire.

TAI for pic or tips.

billydpowe 07-25-14 03:01 PM

why dont you try a search?????

Caseyjones 07-25-14 11:12 PM

I always search on the board and Google before asking, I wouldn't intentionally crowd the board with redundant posts. Granted sometimes I do a search and miss a useful link but as of yet I haven't found one that addresses the pin switch/mounting.

I did get the wiring sorted, I had no voltage to the socket but after dropping the fixture, unplugging it and plugging it back in I had voltage. I had a batch of new defective 194 bulbs so I grabbed a LED bulb and threw it in and it works great. While I was there I threw LEDs in the door courtesy lights and quite pleased with that to.

As of now I'm still dealing with the pin switch and mount, thanks for the link, its a great link but has little to do with the issue at hand.

billydpowe 07-26-14 06:47 AM

it was the best I could do, I dont know what a pin switch is/looks like, maybe if you took a photo of it I could help you... on a 96 I would think a salvage yard would be a good place to look....

Caseyjones 07-26-14 10:47 AM

It's the pin switch that tells the trunk light when the trunk is open, much like a dome light works with the door jam pin switch, it sits adjacent to the trunk latch. This one is badly mangled and has at least two damaged parts. No salvage yards in this area have any LS400 vehicles except a stripped down shell at a U-pull it. I have no Lexus parts or support here, this is GM country :confused:

I found that Park Place Lexus in Tx has excellent prices, other than that just ebay. I might be to OCD about getting it just as OEM for a lasting fix. As far as information and searches its this forum and Google, which often leads back to this forum. I have so far been able to remedy a lot of little issues and upgrades/mods with searches alone.

In the absence of a pic to see what it should look like I'll recreate the mount and fab up a cog and put it in a position that works and hope it lasts. Near as I can tell the fail had to come from someone trying to force the trunk to latch closed with a blanket or something caught in there. Based on the damage they were very determined.

steve2006 07-26-14 01:00 PM

If you cant find one locally I think I have one from a breaker, I don't want anything for it put would appreciate the postage which should be less than $10.00.

Caseyjones 07-26-14 10:48 PM

That would be awesome. I would post a pic as Billydpowe suggested but it looks like I'm to new and cant post anything yet.

I'm going to the U-pull-it and see if there is an outside chance it still has one and it's the same style. I wanted to pilfer the tilt motor to but I think its probably gone, heard it was only a shell.

Your offer is very kind and appreciated, I know shipping from the UK to the USA is probably a chore with customs and such so I'll try my last local alternative Monday when I'm off work.

Thank you.

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