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INLS400 06-02-14 10:24 AM

New LS400 owner here, new to the forum
I know this will probably get relocated or something to a different thread,

anyway, I just made my account today, and I bought a 1999 LS400 with 160,000 miles on it about 2 months ago. It just passed 162,000 a few days ago, and it's fantastic! Of course it is not perfect but for a 15 year old car, that's not a ton of miles, and it drives like a car with a lot less on it.

What are some beginning modifications I can consider? and where would a good place to buy parts be?

Caniac14 06-02-14 10:34 AM

Welcome. I am fairly new here too. Just got my Lexus a few months ago as well. You can check out my build thread here.

Anyways. These cars are so beautiful inside and out they don't need a whole lot of modification. So there aren't a ton of starter mods that I am aware of. So most people I know with any gen LS400 start off with a nice set of wheels and then go with a drop after that. Whether you go with a moderate drop or want to slam the car on coilovers or air suspension is up to you.

Legender 06-02-14 11:59 AM

Welcome to the club and the 'ride'... enjoy
Check out the build threads to see what people are doing to their cars...

297xxxl40 06-05-14 07:34 PM

a lot!
i just bought my ls 400 and fixed all the bugs od sensor, speed sensor 1, and trans solenoids 1 &2 car runs great now I'm planning on first getting used torque converter, and have it re stalled by a performance trans shop to help off the line, i also want to buy the sc400 headers and pre modify them for the ls, last but not least a supra rear diff with lsd (still have more reading to do).

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