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Blaxxus 05-22-12 09:31 PM

How to Turn a Lexus LS 400 into a Convertible on the Spot

PureDrifter 05-23-12 02:12 AM

that poor poor LS :'(

OKSTANCE 05-23-12 06:03 AM

i almost really dig the ls 4 door roadster look haha

BobN54 05-23-12 06:52 AM

No doubt there is some kind of a point to that?

ocr 05-23-12 10:13 AM

I don't understand why they would do this.. the dumbest part is they did it while it was raining, F'ing idiots. Hopefuly they atleast clean up there hack job.

ocr 05-23-12 10:17 AM

It could look dope as a sunny day cruser, but now the chassie has no real rigidness to it at all.

timmy0tool 05-23-12 12:28 PM

why why why?!?! i need a reason please!

ocr 05-23-12 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by timmy0tool (Post 7251755)
why why why?!?! i need a reason please!

To be unique and moronic at the same time.
2 birds with 1 stone, or should it be 2 birds with 1 saw.

PureDrifter 05-23-12 03:24 PM

idk i just saw 2 stones.... :egads:

TheBry 05-23-12 03:34 PM

What the... :cry:

SpencerT 05-23-12 03:54 PM

That interior actually looked to be in good condition too.

What a shame. I wouldve bought those seats

John Coyle 05-23-12 05:24 PM

Well, the chasis might be all wobbly, but that nothing some undercarriage bracing couldn't fix right? Also, I kinda like the four-door convertible look. Just wish the car wasn't ruined to get it.

Bonus FUN FACT: Lexus did officially make a Landaulet version of the LS last year. It was a one-off. We wrote about that and this video on the front page. Check it out.

PureDrifter 05-23-12 06:21 PM

the execution more than the idea is what makes me sad :(

AYEmike 05-23-12 08:53 PM

man thats beautiful, my grandpa asked if they can do his ls next.

mr. tetsuo 05-23-12 09:16 PM

Those corners and edges are prob über sharp. Kinda dig the look...

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