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Lvangundy 05-20-02 10:06 PM

Gas mileage...good-bad (The Mother thread)
My last measurement on my mileage was TERRIBLE. I hadn't tested it in about 2-3 months and I was surprised how bad it got..

Before I was getting 17-19 MPG, now my last reading --- 13 MPG! Yes I've been driving my car harder since I put the intake in--testing you know.. (-: but I didn't expect 13.

I refilled and will be doing another measurement at regular driving speeds, no more WOT and redline.

BHC 05-21-02 01:40 AM

wow...17-19 mpg? i'm so jealous! i've always only gotten about 14 mpg (with mostly city driving), and about 17 mpg on long road trips (only highway). When I had the intake in, I always go WOT cuz I love that sound and as a result my mpg dropped to 12-13.

Is it also time for an oil change? I changed my oil to Mobil 1 synthetic the other day and now get about 1 mpg more.

hyperopt 05-21-02 10:04 AM

On long trips (highway) my LS get about 21-22 mpg. With city driving it burns about 17-19mpg. Not bad compare to other LS's. :D

blitz 05-21-02 01:23 PM

first, i have no intake systems or anything.

i feel my gas mileage is getting bad too.

it was like 350+ last year, but now it's only like 300.
for 20 gallons, it's about 15 mpg city + high.

i remember one time i went to las vegas and it gave me 470 (not bad).

i don't know why. maybe a/c??? it's been hot or cold nowadays..

LSPiNoY 05-22-02 12:08 AM

have u changed your fuel filter?

SilverFlare 05-22-02 12:50 AM

my 98 never made it over 400... even to the trip to vegas..

hyperopt 05-22-02 10:38 AM

Sound like the car and/or driving habit are "out-of-shape". :)

blitz 05-23-02 08:54 PM


Originally posted by SilverFlare
my 98 never made it over 400... even to the trip to vegas..
you should..... the digital dash shows how long you will travel and so much more informations.

otherwise; you will have to check up.

BHC 05-24-02 01:57 AM

pretty strange how some of u get 400+. My 93 LS averages about 320 or so per tank...half city, half freeway. My dad has a 93 LS and averages also around 320. Both have been kept in great condition and i dont think neither one of us drives them that hard...

SilverFlare 05-24-02 11:11 PM


Originally posted by blitz

you should..... the digital dash shows how long you will travel and so much more informations.

otherwise; you will have to check up.

today i filled about 20 gallons and the range is about 400 and i believe another 2.5 gallon can run another 40 miles...
so 440 should be the maximum milege for 98 ls400

jahummer 06-05-02 08:33 PM

A strange thing for me...after 70K miles (and regular dealer maintainance) I have gone from 16 mpg to 20 mpg for every day driving using A/C and radio-CD.

Not complaining

BAWLEX94 06-06-02 09:23 AM

does using a radio have any affect on gas mileage....i've never heard that before???

EGainer 06-06-02 01:27 PM

radio doesn't, it doesn't use the gas. only the motor which cools and compresses the air

hyperopt 06-07-02 10:45 AM

On the contrary, every additional load you place on the engine, it will suck more gas to keep up with the load (eg. AC & alternator). The more electricity you consume, the more the alternator must work to produce it, placing a heavier load on the engine, thus, more gas usage. Fortunately, the additional load created by using your radio is minute compares to the overall load the engine must face so you don't "see" a drop in mileage when you blast your radio. The law of conservation of energy also applies to your car. Nothing is free!

EGainer 06-07-02 11:49 AM

you're right, i forgot about that part. the things that use the most electricity are defrosters, and AC. oh, and the horn, even though you wouldn't think that the horn uses a lot of electricity, it is one of the things that uses the most

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