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What Kind of Cars Have You Owned


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'80 Celica (Still own)
'82 Maxima
'82 528e
'85 Maxima
'85 Cressida now and then I miss this one.
'97 LS4
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In order:

'94 Mazda Miata
'97 Lexus LS400 Coach Edition (still own)
'86 Porsche 944
'94 Mitsubishi Mirage

The LS400 satisfies the luxury car itch. But I still yearn for a good sports car. I'm looking to buy an RX-8!
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more or less in order:

1972 MG MG/B
1970 Camaro Z/28
1973 Ford Capri (worst POS ever)
1978 Datsun 280Z (first new car)
1981 VW Scirocco
1983 VW GTi
1984 Honda Prelude
1986 Honda CRX (wrapped around phone pole)
1987 Honda CRX
1974 Alfa Romeo GTV (weekend car)
1989 Acura Legend
1994 Honda Accord
1982 Alfa Romeo Spider (sold GTV)
1999 Cadillac Deville (WTF was I thinking?)
2002 Subaru WRX
2001 GMC pickup
2005 Mazda 3
2003 Toyota Highlander
2000 Lexus LS400 (current ride)
1967 VW Beetle (inherited, been in family since 1968; what I learned to drive in- I'm 50)
1983 Chevy pickup (looks and drives brand new)

I'm pretty sure I left a few out.
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i'm sure i'll forget a cou[ple along the way, but:
first car: 82 nissan stanza 5 door hatchback, metallic brown, with maroon interior.

audi 4000S

porsche 924 turbo

vw cabriolet, 16v 2.0 swap, recaro seats, lots of suspension work, etc.

mercedes 190e 2.3 cosworth, 17" Wheels, euro headlight swap, and full audio system

first lexus: 90 LS, beautiful pearl white,body kit, 18's, eibach springs, full audio system, etc.

eagle talon tsi awd, modded to the max, ran [email protected] mph back in 02

73 chevy k5 blazer, 6" lift, off road beast. wheeled it all over the country

another talon tsi but fwd. built better than the first, made 368 whp on pump gas

LS1 chevy camaro z28, 6 speed, long tube headers, zo6 wheels, fun car but it just wasn't me.

jeep grand cherokee overland, lifted, 31's, great on and off road

toyota truck 4x4, 33" tires, great little wheeler until the frame rusted apart

another grand cherokee, 32's, didn't keep it for long

Galant VR4, one of 3000 in this country. built engine, upgraded turbo, IC, fuel, etc. great car, i shouldn't have sold it.

next Lexus, another 1LS, first VIP project, lots of fun, loved it.

honda v30 magna, first bike, just a learner.

current vehicles are in my sig.
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1991 Plymouth Voyager, AWD, wood paneling
Not mine, but close.
1992 Nissan Maxima, got it from my brother... First car I drove over 100mph...
Not mine, but close.
1996 Chevy S-10 Blazer, 4WD, 1750 watts, 2 solobaric L7s, 2% tint, autostart, HIDs, etc...

2000 GMC Envoy, 22" Azuka Akuzas, everything else stock.

2001 Lexus GS430, some mods, nothing big, first car/luxury I've owned, learning how to mod still.

1992 Lexus LS400, rebuilding from the ground up, turbo project.
1987 Mazda 626, winter beater, 5 speed, cd player, heat...
Not mine, but close.

My dad owns these, but I work on them so basically we share them..
1962 Corvette, 327ci V8, 4 speed, 3.10 posi, white roadster, red interior.
1964 Ford Falcon, 5.0 EFI V8 (93' Mustang Cobra) C4, 9" or 8.8" soon, blue futura conv., tweed interior.
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1993 Nissan Altima
1989 BMW 535iM
1994 Toyota Corolla
1990 Toyota Celsior (current)
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young'n here (19 years old)

-1993 Nissan Pathfinder SE-V6 safari green, lifted 3inchs, 35inch boggers(sold)
-1991 BMW 525i-track rat, blew motor(sold)
-1994 Lexus LS400(still have)
-1993 Lexus LS400(parts car)
-1988 Toyota Cressida W58 5spd swap(sold)

next on list:

-2000-2003 BMW M5 in LeMans Blue or Imola Red(summertime)
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Default Re: What Kind of Cars Have You Owned

I guess I was driving before most of you were born. But I started young. Here goes, in order of purchase. Mostly I like 'em big old and weird (Acuras and Saab were new car purchases largely for wifely use):

'63 Corvair 700 sedan (I was 12 and it didn't run)

'60 Chev. Bel Air sedan (I was 13 and it smoked like crazy, but it least it ran)

'59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (I was 13 and only owned for a few months, but it infected me with a fin-related disease that I still have - see below)

'60 Chev. Impala 4 dr. flat top (bought at 13, and actually got to drive it; hung on to it through high school; great party car)

'69 Volvo 142S (boring, but it saved my life when I got hit and it rolled)

'67 Rambler American 220 sedan (even more boring, but I bought in '77 from little old lady friend of the family w/ 14,000 orig. miles.- got 10 years and 100k out of it)

'69 Lincoln Continental sedan (suicide doors; sold it to blues band I was living with; maybe its on an album cover somewhere)

'59 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special (still own 25 yrs. later; this car controls my life; it introduced me to my wife and so far has made me buy 2 houses due to its particular garage needs)

'87 Mazda 626 - I'm turning Japanese

'86 Acura Integra coupe (convinced my now wife, who I met due to the Cadillac to buy one of the first Integras; my first experience with a new car)

'92 Acura Legend (wonderful family car; made me begin to appreciate Japanese luxury)

'77 Volvo 245 (commuter-mobile bought w/ 217k on it; grille held on with shoelaces)

'76 Buick Estate Wagon (455, fake wood paneling, factory corduroy upholstery and factory mags- that 70's show in your driveway; daily driver @ 8 mpg. Yikes)

'73 Mercedes 300SEL 4.5 (bought as daily driver in 2000; almost as impratical as the '59 Fleetwood; if you think LS 400 air supension is a nightmare, try this. But oh that wood and leather! Sold it to buy LS)

'02 Saab 9-5 Aero wagon (still own- fun ride for a wagon, but mostly a wife-mobile)

'98 LS 400 (my new car- bought '07; took me a long time to come to my senses, but after driving 20 and 30 year old cars for most of my life, it still feels like a brand new car; first one that was all mine with a factory cassette deck, let alone CD player!)

next up- '05-'06 ES 330 for the wife, and maybe something else w/ fins to keep the Caddy company
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'63 impala 2 door lowered(heated springs)
'77 olds cutlass supreme (tru-spokes,bfg T-A's)
'85 iroc
'89 accord lxi (fi)
'89 accord 2 door (carb)
'92 Ls 400
'93 camry
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Great post! Love the descriptions...

Originally Posted by Spacepig View Post
maybe something else w/ fins to keep the Caddy company
Maybe just a fish bowl to hang from the Caddy's rear view mirror...
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I may just do that if I can find a little fish bowl! I'm also into living things with fins and have a 110 gal. saltwater reef tank, so the theme would fit.
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1991 acura legend lost
1991 nissan 240sx sold
1991 nissan 240sx sold
1992 lexus sc300 beast
1990 lexus ls400 fs
1991 lexus ls400 fs
1996 lexus ls400 dd
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this starts out in 96
1) 74 dodge ramcharger...38 swampers 318 beast....sold
2) 85 pontiac 6000LE...aka ghetto lowrider....died
3) 79 BMW 530I...lowrider project....traded in on #5
4) 78 bmw 530i...pulled motor and system for #3...scrapped
5) 85 Honda prelude...15in ARE rims...traded in on #6
6) 91 Honda Civic HB...17 advanti skylines, system, clear tails....death by F150
7) 90 Honda civic HB...pulled rims, tails and system from #6....scrapped
8) 89 honda civic HB...pulled rims, tails and system from #6...stripped by jackers/then sold
9) 91 Honda Civic HB...cut coilovers, shaved reflector on hatch...sold
10) 96 Honda Civic HB...RHD conversion Crvtec, Type R copy project...current
11) 91 Honda Civic HB SI...Bone stock Minty(miss)....Sold
12) 99 Land Rover Discovery...needed for kids....traded for 13ncash(no kids X's)
13) 91 Honda Civic HB...b16, wide body...mini me swapped and sold
14) 89 Honda Civic HB SI...swapped b16 , sportmax 02's...stolen
15) 91 Jeep Cherokee...crawler project....current
16) 99 LS400...Daily whip....current
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1984 Chevy Cavalier
1988 Ford Escort
1987 Toyota Camry
1989 Chevy S10
1990 Nissan 200sx
1998 Chevy CK1500
1985 Nissan 300zx Turbo
1998 Honda Civic
1999 Lexus Gs300
1999 Lincoln Navigator
1998 Lexus GS300
2002 Lexus RX300
2003 Infinti G35
1992 Nissan 300ZX
2005 Audi A4
1998 Infiniti Qx4
2006 Toyota Camry
1996 Lexus LS400

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Default My Cars since 1969!

Since I was 15 I have only owned foreign made cars. I do not remember if the 2001 Toyota Camry was made in the U.S. or in Japan. So if the 2001 Camry was made in the U.S. I still consider it a foregin car. I currently have two Lexus. They are great cars to get me around town. When I want to go crusing, it is one of the Aston Martins. The DB3 isn't driven much. I am in the process of having it refurbished since I believe it is more of a collector's car.

1969: 1956 VW a 6 volt battery and either a 1000 or 1100 cc engine!
1970: 1967 Datsun 410 four door
1972: 1968 Datsun 510 two door
1974: 1970 Datsun 240Z thought that it was the best car ever made!
1975: 1970 Datsun pickup small but did the job
1978: 1978 Honda Accord four door (first new car)
1985: 1985 Toyota Celica 2 door hatchback
1992: 1992 Toyota Camry LX 4 door (first car with leather)
1998: 1973 Aston Martin DB3 coupe sold my Datsun 240Z for $16000 (new was $2400)
2001: 2001 Toyota Camry LX 4 door Impressed with my first one, not so much with this one
2005: 2001 Aston Martin DB7 coupe couldn't resist!
2007: 1993 Lexus LS400 Mint condition with 87k miles.
2009: 2004 Lexus LS430 Mint condition with 32k miles. It was a steal of a deal.
2009: 2008 Aston martin DB9 coupe Wanted the DBS but didn't want to pay another $100k.
In the next two years I will buy a LS460 and maybe the Aston Martin DBS

(I'll provide photos in my next post.)
1993 Lexus LS400
2004 Lexus LS430
1973 Aston Martin DB3
2001 Aston Martin DB7
2008 Aston Martin DB9
2009 Honda Goldwing motorcycle

1972: 1972 Honda 125 cc street bike
1975: 1975 Honda 750 cc street bike
1980: 1980 Honda Goldwing 1000 cc more horsepower than my 1956 VW
1990: 1990 Honda Goldwing 1200 cc
2001: 2001 Honda Goldwing 1500 cc with reverse gear to help out!
2009: 2009 Honda Goldwing 1800 cc
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