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jmkiang 10-13-09 08:09 AM

10/24 Fuddruckers, Schaumburg, IL - HUGE MULTI-FORUM MEET
***LAST MEET OF THE YEAR! Saturday Oct 24***

Sign up and Spread the word!

1. jmk

jmkiang 10-14-09 06:15 AM

So ClubLexus only attends their own meets now? All 1 of them? :p

Just kidding guys :love:

One last chance to show off all those dope rides!! Roll thru if you can. It should be fun. Weather forecast says no rain.

The list on JC is already at 30 people.

ill roller 10-14-09 10:37 AM

Lexus owners dont meet... I might come out for a bit before work depending on weather.

dkaplan435 10-14-09 12:38 PM

I am going to show up for this, no matter what (unless something comes up). But count me in. Vik, you coming? Brian? Mike, Matt?

jmkiang 10-14-09 02:22 PM

Shut up AJ. You know you can't stay away from meat... er, meets.

Gonna bring CS4.

VikH 10-14-09 07:28 PM

Going to be in London. Have fun!

2IS 'R' US 10-14-09 09:11 PM

I try to make all the meats, but already had plans to be in Madison that day :(

dkaplan435 10-15-09 04:04 AM


Originally Posted by VikH (Post 4926792)
Going to be in London. Have fun!

Have a great time! I used to live in Chiswick & Barnes. What a great city and country.

jmkiang 10-15-09 06:17 AM

I wanna go to London too! Dammit.

Oh well, everyone else should come out. The main list is already at 50!

DRE1615 10-16-09 10:42 AM

My girlfriend loves fuddruckers, figures. I'm heading to a halloween party that afternoon so I may be in costume. LOL

jmkiang 10-16-09 01:41 PM

Haha dope. In the RR too!

jmkiang 10-20-09 07:36 AM

Weather for Saturday:

2IS 'R' US 10-20-09 09:09 PM

Madison plans got canceled. I'm there!!!! :woohoo:

DIrEctQL 10-23-09 10:51 AM

I'll be there with one more turbo SC3, and a turbo Supra V8.

Coco-bun 10-24-09 07:33 AM

turbo supra v8!?
i should be there.

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