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flipside909 07-10-12 08:51 AM

LFA #366 - Black Amethyst w/Black Interior
LFA #366
  • Black Amethyst (3J0)
  • Buff Polish Wheels
  • Black Calipers
  • Black Steering Wheel, Black Leather Door Grips
  • Black Seat Front, Silver Leather Seat Back
  • White Stitching
  • Black Headliner
  • Black Carpet
  • Black Floormats
  • Black Instrument Panel, Door Panel and Center Console
  • Silver Metal Trim Finish

EXCLUSIVE: Lexus LFA in Black Amethyst (9J0), first in the USA, and possibly the only one in the world!

S2000toIS350 07-10-12 09:06 AM

Two guesses

Would like to see: black amethyst

Unlikely anyone else would choose: moss green

93MSB 07-10-12 09:19 AM

passionate pink or pearl brown

luda42688 07-10-12 09:42 AM

TVR chameleon.

errr or passionate pink lol.... but it would be #2 since my LFa in GT5 is pink :) no homo

Vroomin350 07-10-12 09:48 AM

looks like a copper

luda42688 07-10-12 10:44 AM

If its brown, Herb Chambers already has one with orange interior.

flipside909 07-10-12 10:56 AM

Okay one more.. see post #1. :D

More details later today.

Vroomin350 07-10-12 10:59 AM

wow definitely looks like TVR speed6 color

jpvarghese 07-10-12 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by S2000toIS350 (Post 7348349)
Two guesses

Would like to see: black amethyst

My guess as well now that the post is updated! It looks real good flip!

flipside909 07-10-12 12:54 PM

The Lakers would be proud...if they could only fit in it. :D

S2000toIS350 07-10-12 01:01 PM

One of the Buss family could fit

I will call this one the great grape and predict it goes to CA wine country

YeA 2jZ 07-10-12 01:06 PM

blurpel .......

flipside909 07-10-12 01:12 PM

Black Am it is! :D 9J0. Pic up on post #1.

rominl 07-10-12 04:13 PM

More pictures by Lexus USA

rominl 07-10-12 04:25 PM

i see the white nur edition lfa in the background. is it the same one that was covered few months back? if so, wonder why it's still at storage. if not, then that means another one has landed :)

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