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CT FS: 1992 LS400 5 speed


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Default FS: 1992 LS400 5 speed

Looking to sell my drift car, have to adult :-/.

A few noteworthy things about this car;
  • It has a functional speedometer. Took me a few months of researching and trying to find information which is a cake walk on the Nissan side of the swap, next to impossible on the Toyota side since no one mod's these cars. Toyota and Nissan use difference frequency and types of waves and whatnot which lead to this being damn near impossible. Its now working and calibrated by GPS.
  • Car now has an SAFC-2 and is street tuned. Runs fantastic!
  • H-vac LCD screen is non functional. Happens to all these older LS's. H-vac still works fine.
  • You can drift it with 5 people, without a single **** to be given.
  • The motor will never break, ever, ever. Ever.
  • It costs next to nothing to insure because the only people that drive it are AARP members.
  • Car now has an AARP sticker!

In the process of building the car, I wanted to lower the weight substantially so I removed some of the systems I deemed useless, and added a bunch of modifications for driving "enhancement" if you will. The final result is a car that weighs ~3400lbs, down from the original curb weight I had it measured at of 3820. Keep in mind that is retaining ALL interior luxuries/amenities it came with besides heated seats. The massive sunroof still works, power tilt column, keyless entry, etc. If you gut the inside of the car, including the dual layer sound deadening, you're looking at ~2800.

Engine Mods:
  • Custom SRI
  • MKIV Supra Aluminum Radiator w/ shroud + 2 puller electric fan conversion
  • EGR Delete
  • Custom 2.5”- > 3” y pipe w/ skidplates
  • 3” exhaust w/ spun core high flow cat
  • Old School Titanium JIC Spartan Canister
  • 10* Colder Thermostat
  • Apex'i SAFC-2

Suspension & Brakes:
  • Wilwood Proportioning Valve
  • ASD Hydraulic Handbrake
  • Megan EZ Street Coilovers
  • 17x9 +20/ 17x10.5 +27 Dished SVT Cobra reps
  • 215/45-17F 245/40-17R Federal 595's
  • Polyurethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushings
  • New ****ty street rear brake pads for ULTIMATE HYDRO LOCKING POWWEERRRRRRR!
  • Fluid Dynamics Stainless Braided Hydro Lines
  • New Remand. Steering Rack w/ Lifetime Warranty
  • Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings

  • CAT Bell Housing Adapter
  • F1 Racing Chromoly Steel Flywheel (11 lbs)
  • F1 Racing 6 puck sprung clutch set
  • Modified S13 bell housing
  • Odyssey Parts Shop Transmission Crossmember
  • Big Country Diesel Solid Aluminum Trans Mount
  • Driveshaft Shop Custom 1 piece Driveshaft
  • Toyota 3 Finger Diff Adapter
  • Welded Diff
  • Brand New Remand. Axles
  • Tilton 75 Series 3/4” Master Cylinder
  • New Slave Cylinder
  • Modified TopSpeed Short Shifter
  • Nismo clutch fork pivot ball

  • Mitsu Evo 8 Recaros
  • Custom Seat Brackets
  • Momo Monte Carlo 350mm
  • Momo Hub Adapter
  • Alpine 9885
  • AEM Uego2 Wideband
  • Dakota Digital SGI-5
  • Custom center console armrest

  • ABS Delete
  • TRAC Delete
  • Stupid Centrifugal Fan Delete
  • A/C Delete
  • Gutted Trunk
  • Nightvision 35w 5k HID's
  • Foglight Rewire
  • Custom Parking Handbrake from SC400
  • New Toyota TPS

The car is a blast to drive. Once you get used to the sheer size of it, its an odd sensation when you start to realize that it feels significantly more nimble than it looks. Obviously there is some slop from the stretched soft sidewall tires, but for what it is its genuinely impressive and fun. The ride is also exceptionally smooth all things considering. The highlight of this thing though is the mind **** effect it has with the general public. Nothing puts a smile on your face more (besides clutch kicking) than seeing peoples reactions when the last thing they expect to see when they look over is a gigantic land yacht leaving port. Their “mind blown” reactions are priceless.

Few things to note as "Bad" on this car
  • The mainshaft bearing in the trans on the car is howling. It needs to be replaced, or you could just clutch kick the **** out of it until it explodes. A second spare good trans is included in this sale. Swapping them out will take a competent mechanic no more than 3 hours. (Extra S13 5spd is included with the sale price)
  • The rear diff was welded unevenly. Vibrates a bit 55-70
  • Secondary o2 on passenger side broke off. Bung is fine, but the physical sensor broke in half. OBD1, so yolo.

Price = $4,500 firm

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still have this?
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