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flipside909 03-21-11 01:31 PM

Lexus LF-Gh Concept
What is it? It's coming to the 2011 New York International Auto Show next month at the Javits Center!

Mark your calendars. NY Int'l Auto Show - April 22 to May 1, 2011.

TF109B 03-21-11 02:05 PM

Read about this on Lexus europe's Twitter. I figured as soon as I saw the Gh that it'd be the new GS concept with a Hybrid format.

MPLexus301 03-21-11 02:32 PM


GiantsFan 03-22-11 12:44 AM

Im so excited :D

PaPaHoFF 03-24-11 02:26 PM

ill take some pics!! :)

TripleL 03-24-11 02:31 PM

Subscribed!! Whether its the next GS or not, I'd like to know more about it. :)

flipside909 04-05-11 09:08 AM

Looked what leaked...

TripleL 04-05-11 09:11 AM

Aggressive looking concept!!!

MDOTM 04-05-11 03:36 PM

OMG I want it! :eek2:

Arcadian 04-05-11 07:38 PM

LF-Gh....So, that's not good.
OK, I know it's only a teaser pic of a concept, but if this is the new GS....yikes.
This is really bad. Deconstructivism might work for architecture, but not on a car. The shapes don't compliment, the details are disjointed. there's no flow.
It has a distinct retro feel, it reminds me of Japanese cars from the early-mid 1970s when every detail was overwrought, right down to the side-marker lights. Unless this car is absolutely perfect in profile, proportion and stance, then its going to ruin the legacy of the three generations of GS that came before.
While the LS and the IS look pretty good, I think this car's inspiration was the down-market CT200h. That's a car that would be fabulous as a new Celica, but just drags down the Lexus cache.
I think Lexus is getting lost in the woods the same way Honda has been when it comes to design.

Redpaste 04-05-11 08:52 PM

Reminds me of Megatrons face?

respect23 04-06-11 11:27 AM

dont think i like it to be honest, but i have to see more

KillaIS250 04-07-11 11:26 PM


Originally Posted by Redpaste (Post 6286502)
Reminds me of Megatrons face?

+1 It does :D

Teasers look good tho!

Weapon F 04-09-11 07:53 PM

I just received my invited to see LF-Gh concept at a private viewing in NYC on April 19th at 7:30pm. I also work at Jacob Javist Convention Center in NYC and will get to see LF-Gh concept again and every other Lexus, BMW,MB,Porsche,lambo,GM, Ford etc coming to Auto-show. Will give you my impression of car when I see it.

flipside909 04-12-11 09:26 AM

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