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Official Lexus Concept Cars/Rare Cars Thread

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Default Official Lexus Concept Cars/Rare Cars Thread

Okay in here, we will post pics and info of any RARE Lexus. For instance please post any concept or rare Lexus, like any Lexus pace cars, future cars, one-offs, etc. This can include rare engine swaps, drag cars, anything truly one of a kind. This can even include members cars that have special mods or one-off mods.
LF-C with SC 430 in the back

RX 400h concept

HPX concept

IS 430 concept (Rod Millen)
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Cool thread Sic, I have some pics i'll post up later on today. I don't know why but I never liked that HPX concept,it looks like a 90's vehicle but thts just me. I remember seeing that IS430 at the Los Angeles auto show about 3 years ago. It has a very clean proffesional installation(well it bettter if it's Rod Millen).The exhaust tone on this vehicle is viscious!!!They did some laps on the show "Rides".
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RX 300 Concept

Lexus HPS Concept


The Lexus Landau is a "high-performance 5-door, 2-box, luxury compact saloon," says Giorgio Giugiaro, head of ItalDesign SrL. The show-piece is built from a Lexus GS 300 platform shortened by as much as 23.6 ins. (60 cm) but with the same 109-in. (278-cm) wheelbase. Under the hood is a Lexus V-8 coupled with a permanent 4-wheel-drive transmission. Toyota provided ItalDesign with the running chassis, but says it has no plans to produce the model.
(bigger pic here)

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Lexus SC Pebble Beach Edition

To commemorate its four-year exclusive partnership with Pebble Beach Company, Lexus introduced its second annual 2005 Lexus SC Pebble Beach Edition retractable hardtop convertible. Unveiled at the "Lexus Style in the Fast Lane" fashion show on August 13 at the world-famous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, this 2005 SC features stunning black and red vintage styling cues from automotive classics.

While only 600 are slated for production, its dramatic design and numerous luxury features make the car even more alluring than its exclusivity.

As with any SC, the first thing to notice is its spectacular exterior styling. And that's especially true of this edition, considering the never-before-seen exclusive Black Diamond body color and chrome wheels with graphite accents. The Special Edition has specially-made Pebble Beach badging on the front fender and inside on the floor mats. Also inside, the SC reveals vintage colors while maintaining a modern design, with premium Pimento Red leather-trimmed seating surfaces and black bird's-eye maple trim. Even more unique are the subtle details such as a red and silver engine cover, black headlights and red scuff plate illumination. Additionally, each Lexus SC Pebble Beach Edition comes equipped with a complimentary black Lexus and Pebble Beach Company Tumi tri-fold garment bag. Unlike most Tumi products, which are made of ballistic nylon, this customized bag is made crafted in full leather.

Of course, one of the most impressive features on the Lexus SC is its ability to hide the roof within the confines of its trunk in a mere 25 seconds, while still maintaining enough room for luggage. All without latches, catches, snaps or covers. And when the top is up, it defies traditional convertible logic by remaining solid, secure and weatherproof-sans flutters, drafts or leaks. Underneath its beautiful skin, the Lexus SC hosts a 300-horsepower, 4.3-liter V8 engine.

For ultimate listening pleasure, Lexus teamed up with Mark Levinson-designers of the ultimate in custom home audio systems-to create a sound system available exclusively in Lexus vehicles. The SC features a nine-speaker, seven-channel, DSP-amplified system, complete with an in-dash, single-feed, six-disc CD auto-changer. What's truly amazing about this system is that it monitors whether you have the top up or down, and adjusts the frequency equalization, and volume and bass response accordingly. The end result is a quality of sound that truly mimics a live performance.

The 2005 Lexus Pebble Beach Edition SC will be available for purchase beginning in early September 2004.

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Lexus GS 450h
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Lexus LF-C Concept

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Lexus IS

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Lexus Street Rod

he Lexus Street Rod is based on a ’32 roadster and was created to showcase a specially modified Lexus GS 400 V8, producing more than 400 horsepower.

The Lexus Street Rod is the result of an unusual collaboration of expertise resulting from partnership of Lexus, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) USA, Inc., MillenWorks, and California Street Rods.

The GS 400’s all-aluminum 4.0-liter V8 features 32 valves, four cams and the first use of continuously variable valve timing in a V8 engine to produce a strong 300 horsepower in production trim. Engineers at TRD, USA, set to work increasing output based on their experience building Indy car and off-road racing engines.

The V8 is topped by eight carbon-fiber velocity stacks with integrated air screens. Each cylinder has its own 2-inch diameter throttle body for maximum airflow. A new intake manifold system adapted from TRD’s 4.7-liter desert off-road racing V8 is used and the Lexus VVT-i continuously variable valve timing computer map was revised to provide intake valve advance of 30 degrees of crank angles from 1,500 to 7,800 rpm. Camshaft lift was increased from production lift of 0.350 inch to 0.385. The GS 400 V8’s compact size and lightweight made it an ideal fit in the open engine bay of the ’32 Street Rod. To further streamline the package, TRD engineers relocated the power steering pump to the center of the engine’s "V" by means of a custom-engineered adapter. The power steering system is otherwise the same as the GS 400. Virtually all other components are production items. With these modifications, the Lexus Street Rod produces 400 horsepower at 8,200 rpm with a stock compression ratio of 10.5 to1.

The Lexus Street Rod’s original concept was penned by noted designer Larry Woods, and the ’32 roadster body work and custom interior were crafted by California Street Rods of Huntington Beach, Calif. Styling design was kept subtle and simple to complement the proportions of the original body work. The engine bay has removable side panels to showcase the carefully finished Lexus powerplant. A split "Du Vall" type windshield adds character to the upper body and integrates with a subtle chromed accent strip extending forward to the radiator shell. Paint finish is candy apple three-coat red, custom mixed by PPG Industries.

Chassis engineering and fabrication were completed by MillenWorks. Rod Millen guided development of the Lexus Street Rod’s sophisticated chassis. "Since this car is intended to be driven, not just parked and admired," said Millen, "the chassis and running rear had to match the sophistication of the Lexus powertrain. Wherever possible, we used components from the GS 400. They’re state-of-the-art, lightweight and compact, making them ideal for a hot rod."

The Lexus 5-speed automatic transmission retains the unique E-shift manual shift controls mounted on a modified Lexus GS 400 steering wheel. Similar to Formula-One type semi-automatic shifting systems, Lexus E-shift permits manual up and downshift control with a touch of the thumb or forefinger. Sophisticated double-wishbone suspension at all four corners provides outstanding road holding. Steering inputs are handled by a modified Lexus GS 400 power steering rack. Springs and shocks are activated via pullrods and rockers in front and via rocker arms at the rear. Custom springs were supplied by Eibach. BFGoodrich Comp T/A ZR tires, sized 8x17 inches front, 11x18 inches rear.

A partner with Lexus on special editions of the ES 300 and LS 400 sedans, Coach Leather provided hides to trim the Street Rod’s interior in a light buff color with a thin red leather accent running throughout the interior.

Brakes are Brembo four piston calipers with Brembo discs mounted on stock Lexus hubs and half shafts. A Lexus GS 400 limited slip differential is also employed and uses a 4.27:1 final drive ratio to compensate for the larger rear wheels and tires.

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TTE IS 430

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very cool thread!
nice job!
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Big thanks to Richie for these pics he took at the Essen auto show back in 2001!

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GS400 V8 twin turbo

Swift Racing Technologies Lexus GS 400
The New Supra?


BASE PRICE: $70,000 (est.)
POWERTRAIN: 4.0-liter, 500-hp, 515-lb-ft twin-turbocharged V8; rwd, five-speed automatic
CURB WEIGHT: 4000 pounds (est.)
0 to 60 MPH: 4.25 seconds (mfr.)

>> “THERE AREN’T MANY GS 400s THAT ARE twin-turbo,” bragged Mitch Gordon, a small- business owner from Ellicott City, Maryland, as he slid his sedan into traffic for my firsthand lesson in Lexus turbo tuning. We were 30 minutes outside Washington, D.C.—close to Swift Racing Technologies, the Lexus specialist that built and tunes this car. Gordon says he visits SRT daily, so I’m assuming he knows the roads well.

“For the horsepower and money, right out of the box this car was the most bang for the buck,” says Gordon. “And having Swift Racing in my backyard—initially, I was going to go supercharger, but SRT said it could do a custom twin-turbo. And my eyes lit up.”

Speaking of lighting up, without warning Gordon hammered the living daylights out of the gas pedal. If this were the Olympics, I’d say he was going for gold. My stomach had an out-of-body experience, and I tried to look cool, like, As a journalist, I’ve seen it all. But Gordon didn’t let up. The auto five upshifts, and it was on to Plan B: Grab for the door handle and avoid looking out the windshield.

Gordon, on the other hand, had gone into a Linda Blair-like trance, one I liked to think implies concentration rather than madness. Red light ahead and he put the Stop Tech brakes to the test. Warp drive ended just as quickly as it began, and Gordon, a former Army reserv-ist, went into full debrief mode.

“I’m still running the mass [airflow] sensor,” he explained, “so I’m only able to run at 14 psi [of boost]. I usually drive around on 10 to 12, but 14 gives me a little over 500 hp at the rear and 515 [lb-ft of] torque. Right around 14 psi, [the mass airflow sensor] starts to lean everything out. It just can’t handle it.”

Gordon says the transmission can’t quite handle the twin Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid ceramic ball-bearing turbocharger, either. It is reinforced, with fully built internals. The nuisance lies in the Lexus electronics. “It has trouble transferring all that power to the drivetrain,” Gordon says. “Back there, it kind of hung up a bit.”

I nodded, thoroughly unable to relate.

This is how sophisticated Lexus performance tuning has become, taking over where Supra tuning left off and spawning monster-horsepower street rides and ever better performance. SRT was able to solve Gordon’s transmission problem simply by applying new software to the car.

Three years ago Muhammad Choudhury launched SRT out of his parents’ house. These days, SRT ( manufactures turbo kits and tunes from a full-service facility that functions as a production line and tuning garage. On hand are client cars in various states of radical tune, including a GS 400 owned by import drag racer Christian Rado.

The setup in Gordon’s car is an SRT Stage IV kit, a custom formula with no limit. It includes turbo manifolds for each bank, Spearco front-mounted intercooler, Blitz blow-off valve and boost controller, and GReddy e-manage engine ECU. In other words, the whole ball of wax.

On the homestretch back to SRT, Gordon revealed another attraction of the tuned luxury sedan: “I like the sport and the luxury,” he says. “Eventually, I’ll cross all the way over to luxury. But I’m holding on to that sport thing right now.”

This is where the Tein Flex coilover suspension comes in. It allows for the control of damping from inside the cockpit and on the fly.

“If I set it to the softest setting, I still have my luxury GS ride,” Gordon explains. “But if I hit the stiffest setting, [the coilovers] get stiff. And if I’m going through the twisties, I make it nice and firm. With a big car like this, I get these little guys coming up on me. They think they can get away from me because I have a big GS. They’re in for a nice big surprise, you know what I mean?”
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GS drag car

Originally Posted by RACEREDI
Just a quick update on our GS300 dragcar. We were in Florida this weekend at Moroso for the NHRA season opener. We did some testing on thursday, but had some problems getting down the track. Then on friday we went up and made one pass. We ran a 7.25 at 190mph. It probably could have been a high teen, but we had one of our turbos lock ed up as soon as we hit 5th gear. Then on sunday we ran probably one of the closest passes of the weekend. We ran a 7.379 against my friend Paul E's Solara, who ran a 7.374. We lost but it was one hell of a race. Just wanted to keep my fellow CL members up to date. If any of you make it out to the races, stop by and say hello.

One more thing, We also now hold the MPH record in the NDRA, as we ran 190MPH in Phoenix at the Nopi season opener.
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09/06/1997 Monterey, CA

A new breed of Lexus, the GS 400 high-performance sedan, makes its first public appearance this weekend pacing the Toyota Grand Prix of Monterey CART race.

The latest addition to the PPG CART World Series Pace Car fleet, the GS 400 showcases an innovative paint and graphics package created jointly by Lexus and PPG Industries. Finished with PPG's high-tech Chromaflare paint process, the GS pace car graphics create an optical “positive-negative” effect as the car is seen in motion.

Thanks to a new Lexus powerplant with the first use of continuously variable valve timing in a V8, the GS pace car will boast more than 300 horsepower. Its race-car-inspired E-Shift 5-speed semi-automatic transmission promotes lightning-fast shifts for high-performance driving – increasing control through demanding roads like Laguna Seca's world famous 'Cork Screw'.

The GS 400 pace car rides on Goodyear Eagle GSC tires in 255/40 ZR 19 size, mounted on BBS alloy wheels. It is also fitted with Brembo brakes, Borla custom exhaust and H&R racing suspension.

The production GS 400 will be available for sale in October, and is expected to be the fastest production automatic sedan in the world. It is capable of sprinting from 0-60 in 5.7 seconds and has a top speed of 149 mph.

Like its production siblings, the GS 400 PPG pace car is the wicked member of the family, a completely different kind of Lexus.

Lexus GS 400 Pace Car

Performance Features:
4.0-liter four-cam 32-valve V8
Aluminum block and heads
Continuously variable valve timing
300+ hp, 310+ ft.-lbs. Torque
E-Shift semi-automatic 5-speed transmission

TMC Design Studio, Japan

Toyota Motorsports

PPG Industries

Spectra Blue Chromaflare

Graphics Design:
Molly Designs

Goodyear Eagle GSC 255/40 ZR19

BBS 'LM Rad' 8-1/2 x 19 alloy

Brembo 4-piston

H&R coil-over shocks, racing springs.

Borla custom-built free-flow

Roll cage
Dual halon fire system
Fuel cell
4-point safety belts
Lexus Vehicle Skid Control system

Credit: Lexus USA - Archives
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SC 430 Pace Car

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