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bseizer 09-29-11 10:52 AM

Does anybody fix? 97 sc400 nakamichi amp
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Does anybody fix the nakamichi amp for the 97 sc400?
Nobody in my town knows how to.
My car has to use the Nakamichi 86280-24120.

I have just gone through my 3rd amp.
Every time it goes bad, its for the same reason.
It sounds like someone is twisting the volume control back and forth very quickly.

I really hate throwing them in the garbage after getting a used one off of eBay.
If anyone can refer me to someone that fixes them, please reply to this thread.

lexusaudio 10-11-11 07:51 PM

that problem is usually caused by aftermarket speakers or similar problem that is overtaing the amp. it is the protective curcuit that is causing the chopping sound. so do not throw those amps away. they are easily repairable. but the problem causing the amp to go in protective mode needs to be diagnosed.

moffutt 02-01-13 08:51 AM

I know this is an old thread but I am having this problem. You say this is easily repairable. Mine has just started doing this and I would love to know how to repair it. Would have any instructions on how to go about doing that?

Kansas 02-03-13 10:20 AM

Maybe can help you. They recently added an aux-in to my 2000 LS400 Nakamichi so maybe they know something about them.

Bouncer 05-31-14 07:03 PM

There is a guy on this forum that will fix them. He's called The Lexus Guy. I had mine go. What happen is water is getting down in that lower compartment under the cd unit and it shorted out my amp.

I don't know if that's what happen to yours but worth a check. It's where the rain run off follows the inside on the trunk down and drains out the back of the car.

It some how got misdirected. It seeped down by the rear tail light and down into the lower compartment quarter panel under the CD unit in the trunk.

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