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T4kAttack1 07-19-14 10:54 PM

New IS-F owner!
Hey all!

Finally after a long time of lurkng here and saving up. I finally did it. I got myself a 2011 IS-F! Best day in a looong time. I love this thing so much, such a great piece of machinery. I went from wanting a BMW, to Audi, to this. I'm so glad i picked this baby up. I'll post pictures later when i take some good ones and upload them (Black with black and orange interior) :D. Just amazing!!! :woohoo:

Going to enjoy this for a while but already planning on some upgrades and maybe a vinyl wrap!

bnizzle87 07-20-14 12:48 AM

Congrats! Welcome to CL and the IS F family! You won't be disappointed with this beast. Looking forward to the pics, but meanwhile, enjoy her! :D

ISF4life 07-20-14 02:07 AM

Congrats ! and welcome to the F family :)

kauaian 07-20-14 03:51 AM

Nice color combo. Congratulations and welcome!

LexusNN 07-20-14 05:00 AM

Welcome to the club, sounds like a sweet color combo

dannyk8232 07-20-14 06:31 AM

Pics or it's a shamockery!!

JM51526 07-20-14 09:26 AM


Originally Posted by dannyk8232 (Post 8633116)
Pics or it's a shamockery!!

Agreed. I require photographic proof.


RMA 07-20-14 07:33 PM

Welcome to CL & congrats :)

TranV 07-20-14 10:39 PM

Congrats and welcome!

mrkim 07-20-14 11:49 PM

QUICK follow everyone on instagram...

T4kAttack1 07-21-14 08:29 AM

Thanks guys and I'm enjoying this beast so far. I don't have many pictures as i had to run to work early, but I'll be sure to take some more (and of the interior) when i get home.

Not sure sizing on this board so we'll give this a shot haha. Anyway, from the floor room to the home I'm extremely happy! And yes I have a car cover on order! :D

XpediencY 07-21-14 08:34 AM

car cover will scratch your car when it slides around if you put it on without washing it

T4kAttack1 07-21-14 08:38 AM


Originally Posted by XpediencY (Post 8634560)
car cover will scratch your car when it slides around if you put it on without washing it

Hmmm noted. I might return it then. I'm just a little worried as i don't have a garage, but i guess the awning above will be enough. Thanks :)!

scamsel 07-21-14 09:15 AM

awesome man, congrats. 2011 too, the sweet spot of MY's for the F ha

F1nALMSfan 07-21-14 10:43 AM

Congrats and welcome to the club! Looks great. Any plans for modifications?

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