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digger08 10-01-13 08:14 PM

Track speed Tranmsision shift 5th gear to long....?
Hope I explain this correctly.

Just finished another track day (Mosport - Canada) and have a weird power band issue...just wondering if its normal?

On the track straight away (10 degree incline - about 1 mile), I can get to about 220 kph (about 136mph) but 5th gear is really long and slow...once red line and ..up-shifting to 6 - and there is all kinds of crazy power and is immediate, responsive and the car starts taking off very quickly.......It took a few track days to realize this? sport mode, and sprint booster (red - 2nd setting) - I have tried with sprint booster off - no differences.

Your thoughts......some sort of heat soak......if 5th gear would red line quicker, higher speeds are possible....because I run out of track by 6th gear.

at these speeds I do not have time to look at my gauges, so only periodic glances - coolant temp normal, oil temp 4-5 bars - temperature was 25 degrees Celsius/ about 82

essentially 5th gear is eating all of my track length to get to 6th and 136mph is very short lived


nsx042003 10-12-13 07:22 PM

you are WOT i assume, which is why your sprint booster being on/off doesn't make a difference.

I find 5th gear acceleration is still pretty lively in my car, I'm not sure why you'd feel less in 5th compared to 6th. Something wrong with your car?

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