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tripp 06-15-13 12:38 PM

Work Meister S1R Bronze

Was considering purchasing Work Meister S1R bronze in color for a 2012 SFP ISF. Thoughts? Does anyone have any pics with this combo?

bnizzle87 06-15-13 02:44 PM

I haven't seen anyone with that matte bronze S1R, but I have seen some F's with them installed. IMO, the step lip and a lip makes it look a bit small. They are quality wheels, of course, and if you cold get a set in the sizes and color you want, I say go for it. It would offset the SFP, but still add some detail to the car overall. Were you planning to stick with the same tire sizes or upsize?

Best of luck!

obby 06-15-13 02:50 PM

I was planning to order that color when I ordered my s1r, but knowing me that always like to change stuff up quick I was worry about having to find a buyer for them as its a unique color and only go well with certain color car. So I kept it simple with black/polish lip.

CalitriSC 06-15-13 06:19 PM

You mean like on this IS?

tripp 06-16-13 11:56 AM

Yes like those. I think the bronze and SFP will go well together but was wondering if anyone had pics of the setup.

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