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LiLS 03-15-13 11:52 PM

SFP ISF x Wald Black Bison x Volk TE37SL
the build thread got kinda cluttered but i finished today and decided to throw up some quick snaps... im super happy with how everything came together...i plan on gettin cf fenders and lowering the car more pretty soon.


ISFpat 03-15-13 11:55 PM

god damn..........................................

CalitriSC 03-15-13 11:56 PM

I love the new look. I will hit you up when I'm ready to order the Wald diffuser lol.

ISF4life 03-16-13 12:23 AM

Looking really good :)

Meraki Autoworks 03-16-13 12:38 AM

.......wowo... all my favorite parts. whyd you go with the graphite te37? I think red would look nice. LOL.

WebSoCal 03-16-13 02:10 AM

nice build!! Looks like a tank!!!! keep it up

aWorkOfArt 03-16-13 04:03 AM

Dayum your ride looks hott!

streetx 03-16-13 05:26 AM

Damn love those wheels!

F1nALMSfan 03-16-13 05:35 AM

Looks fantastic!

Boma 03-16-13 06:23 AM

Really nice! I especially like the view from behind. The front however is begging for LED headlights now!

obby 03-16-13 07:27 AM

Dammm son!!!! That sht look wet!! Lol. Loving every bit of it. Good job.

dwin888 03-16-13 07:33 AM

Very nice! :)

Whats the specs of your rims?? :)

s4play 03-16-13 07:36 AM

Very well executed plan my friend! IF I still had my SFP it would probably look similar to this setup!

Yellow Brembo's and some matching decals on the Volk wheels would finish this off nicely, and get rid of those amber lenses in the headlight or get them custom painted black inners like this!

atl08isf 03-16-13 08:04 AM

looks amazing

RVCAis250 03-16-13 08:13 AM

:eek2: simply amazing.. I'm lost for words

but your car is so beautiful, best ISF on the forums for sure. I would just get a set of 2012 LED headlights to compliment the aggressiveness of the car + the housing will be black which will match better

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