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JMBillsta 02-08-11 10:51 PM

an end to my ride
after seeing countless amount of threads about accidents and always wishing that never happens to me, it did today. i was involved in a hit and run at 60+ mph by a drunk driver on the freeway. the car is probably totaled.

i put about 5k on this 08 ISF after getting it used with 12k. just about put my finishing touches on this car two weeks ago and preparing for my first shoot and now its too late.

idk why im posting this, probably to share my experience with those who love their cars just as much as i do. i cant remember the last time i cried but i will admit i had to shed a couple of tears when i was finally gained consciousness and was able to step out of the vehicle.

i always got that gut crunching feeling when i looked on previous accident threads and i guess its now for my turn. sorry to make you guys look at this, an end to a magnificent piece of machinery.

one of the last good photos i have of it.

i wish i could given it one last open throttle beforehand. those of you with your cars, cherish it man because stuff like this can happen anytime. thanks for reading guys. be safe out there.



kwik801 02-08-11 11:03 PM

Dang!! Sorry to hear.. Glad that you are okay.

bnizzle87 02-08-11 11:04 PM

Sorry for your loss, Bill. It's hard to take precaution for any sort of accident, but a hit and run by a drunk is just horrible. The F is probably totaled, but at least you survived. That's the most important thing. Better days to come, my friend! :)

USBM2011 02-08-11 11:04 PM


super sorry to hear about this, i lost a car like this too, not my F but another car i cherished and loved(2001 Intgera Type R), so i know the feeling....

you can thank god you got out alive... the car can be replaced, your legs, arms, back, being able to walk, talk, smell and breathe can not ever be replaced

so thank your lucky stars your F sacrificed herself for you.....

ShadowISF 02-08-11 11:13 PM

Sorry to hear about this Billy. :( Your car was amazing. But the important thing is that you are okay. Cars can be replaced, but your life can't. Have a speedy recovery, and I'm sure your insurance will take care of you nicely.

I nd ISF 02-08-11 11:14 PM

Wow, thank God you were able to walk away from that without serious injury.
It hurts me to see an ISF in that condition but it did what it was designed to do...and it did save your life.

Hopefully you will be back in a new ISF real soon. Glad you hear your were ok.

CrazyTrain 02-08-11 11:48 PM

Sorry this had to happen to you. You'll be back in an F in no time!

MashinA 02-08-11 11:49 PM

dude im sorry about your loss...its so ironic i just read your comment earlier on an isx50 accident thread and now this happens to you...this is some crazy ****! glad to hear you are ok, hopefully your insurance wont skyrocket because of this....

Katin2 02-08-11 11:49 PM

Sorry to hear about your F but more importantly is that you are safe.

2slow 02-09-11 12:27 AM

Seeing socal drivers when i visit, minivans doing 90mph, it looks pretty good.

You have a rear lip also huh? It looks like the Ventross?

If they do end up totaling it. Make sure you ask how much it is to buy back. You might even make a little bit more than you bought it for.

Goodluck man!

llamaboiz 02-09-11 12:34 AM

DA FUUU~~~ go get checked out, MRI the spine, herniated disks are no joke~

montgb 02-09-11 04:47 AM

That car is totaled and it's good that you weren't seriously injured. I hope that you can find a quality replacement for the F -- maybe another F? :D

Your pre-crash F looked great. At least salvage the wheels!

mugenh22a4 02-09-11 05:36 AM

Damn, glad you're okay though. Don't worry, a little Meguiar's paint cleaner will buff that right out.

clifftrail 02-09-11 05:49 AM

That is unfortunate, especially right after you got the wheels and rear diffuser on it. Good thing the car is solid and kept you safe.

ACEtheOG 02-09-11 05:51 AM

thank the stars youre ok man! my f is precious to me too - but at the end of the day, its a possession. dings, scratches, bumps, total losses - while upsetting, can be repaired / replaced.

whats important is that youre alive! ask your loved ones. besides, im sure youll be back, faster and louder.

i will never understand those that drink (to the point of intoxication) and drive, if you want to kill yourself, go right ahead, but dont drag innocent people along for the ride. :thumbdn:

take car bro. let us know what you decide to do.

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