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Supraman16 12-18-09 06:14 PM

My New Wheels...WedsSport SA-67R
Hi Guys,
Well as all of you know it's pretty tough finding a better looking wheel than our stock BBS beauties...not to mention finding something as stong. After a lot of research I decided to go with the Weds Sport SA-67R in Gunmetal. They are flow-formed so similar strenght and durability of our forged BBS's and EXTREMELY lighweight...they weigh 22 lbs for the rear 19x10's and 21.4 lbs for the front 19x9's :eek1: Compare this to the stock BBS which weigh 29 lbs for the rear and 23 lbs for the front! For the tires, I decided to go with the Nitto INVO's...245/35's in the front and 285/30's in the rear. This is my daily driver so I needed a tire that was comfortable and sticky and so far they haven't disappointed. I was about to go with the Nitto NT-05's which have a stiffer sidewall but I didn't think I could tolerate this tire on a daily driver. Anyway, on with the pics...Darshana S...

Ass Shot:

Sunset Pics:

CDNROCKIES 12-18-09 06:20 PM

Holy freakin' yummmm!:D

Car looks great....congrats!:thumbup:

s4play 12-18-09 06:45 PM

Thanks for posting the OEM wheel weights vs. your new aftermarket setup! That is quite a SIGNIFICANT savings in upsprung weight! AWESOME!

I think you pulled if off nicely and kudos for staying in the 19" realm - I'm going for the same sizes you listed as well but on Falken Azenis 615 tires. Always been a Toyo fan but want to try these new tires.

The blue inner lip is unique and ties in nicely with the IS-F blue logo theme - did you plan that? :)

From the side profile it looks like you can drop the front more?


jsl757 12-18-09 07:03 PM

Looks good, I like these wheels.

Hoovey2411 12-18-09 10:12 PM

Not bad at all, I like those wheels. Looks good on Starfire

MothIS 12-18-09 10:45 PM

looking good, i think you should lower your car :D

tmf2004 12-18-09 11:14 PM

THis car is perfect.. great pics nad wheels.. Pure awesome.. Congrats.. :D:thumbup:

formula0 12-18-09 11:43 PM

Looks good!

bnizzle87 12-19-09 01:05 AM

car does look pretty good. the rims are definitely a plus on starfire pearl. great pics man!

xHartawann 12-19-09 01:20 AM

Wow i think with the right drop, your car will look pretty damn sick.

kickhard 12-19-09 03:00 AM


yep looks good and a drop will complete it

montgb 12-19-09 04:55 AM

Super wheels & tasteful mods on the F.

jkeifer3 12-19-09 05:39 AM

Super nice! I hope the finish holds up so keep "em clean and don't let the brake dust stay on too long. If I may, why did you decide to swap the rims?

Supraman16 12-19-09 12:05 PM

Thanks everyone for the compliments. I just finished grinding down the rear more rubbing! I can definately feel a increase in handling as well as acceleration and braking...more likely due to the decrease in weight of the wheels. It seems more nibble as well. The Nitto's aren't as sticky as the stock Bridgestones, but overall I'm happy with the decision to go with the INVO's over the NT-05 given this is my daily driver. I'm debating about dropping the front a bit more. I know that would pretty much complete the car but it's already a royal pain driving around with the front lip without scraping. If anything I may go with Eibachs in the front only given the rears seem perfect. Anyway, thanks again for all the compliments...Darshana S...

flipside909 12-19-09 12:17 PM

That looks awesome. The wheels and the color fit the "F" theme very nicely. I love the fitment, it makes your ISF look more aggressive.

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