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tC2IS350 11-18-14 08:17 AM

daily commute
How long is your commute? Is your 3IS your DD?

link13 11-18-14 08:26 AM

3IS is my DD. Commute is 10 miles round trip. Sometimes, I go home for lunch, so 20 miles commuting on those days. This is a car I wouldn't mind spending more time in, actually.

Boost786 11-18-14 08:47 AM

3is is my daily.. 80 miles round trip 6 days a week.... already at 14k miles in only 9 months :sad::sad:

drbazing 11-18-14 09:10 AM

Mon-Fri DD 10 miles round trip.

HTXLexus 11-18-14 09:14 AM

IS is my daily. 3 mile round trip to work. Keeps the mileage low and the mpg's lower...

tC2IS350 11-18-14 09:30 AM

I'm about 50 miles round trip per day M-F. Blah. But I do enjoy the ride :) Just wish the drive entailed less traffic. The 3IS is my DD.

CashGap 11-18-14 11:25 AM

78 miles round trip M-F in my 3IS DD. 9,950 miles at lunch today after 100 days of ownership, because it's ten miles minimum round trip at lunch plus weekends.

78 miles, 78 minutes by the way, with only about thirty seconds of variation at the single traffic light I encounter.

ISISGUY 11-18-14 11:26 AM

4 miles roundtrip to work, but because of that, between my gf and I, we take my car everywhere.

HanaleiISF 11-18-14 11:45 AM

40 miles round trip 5 days a week with even time in City (35 mph) and on Highway (90 mph).

DreamAce7 11-18-14 01:19 PM

About 62 miles round trip 5 days a week.

4TehNguyen 11-18-14 01:55 PM

18 miles round trip

dojoman 11-18-14 02:03 PM

I wonder who doesn't DD 3IS? It's a practical car, not exactly a Ferrari.

Akatsuki 11-18-14 04:48 PM

40 miles round trip

corradoMR2 11-18-14 04:53 PM

DD, but not every day. 44 miles (70 km) round trip.

JDR76 11-18-14 05:12 PM

It's my DD. My one way to work is a short, but hilly, 5.5 miles. All up hill on the way to work, all down hill on the return. I do about 8500 miles a year on the IS. My wife drives the RX to work, for 12 miles each way, plus we use it a lot on the weekend, so it's about 12k miles per year.

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