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mmmrodge 07-04-14 03:11 PM

CF Fsport center console
Ordered some silver metallic carbon fiber vinyl from Metro Restyling on eBay. It's a little bit lighter than the window switch or glove box cf but I am very happy with how it came out. Lexus should have done this straight from the factory.

ByeBMW27 07-04-14 03:43 PM


damtachoa 07-04-14 06:13 PM

I like that. Very nice.

How about this one?

dseag2 07-04-14 07:06 PM


bleo2 07-04-14 07:49 PM

Wow that looks amazing! Where did you get the job done or DIY? I live in Canada in Nova Scotia ... does anybody know some place that could do vinyl wrappings like this for the interior shift box!?

tea 07-04-14 09:34 PM

nice work, but not my taste

Celledral 07-04-14 09:35 PM

Very nice. Im also looking to customize a few panels on my interior. Would you mind sharing some steps you took and tips? Thanks.

mmmrodge 07-05-14 07:51 AM


Rough cut the piece to the part by tracing it. Clean part free of grease and debris. Separate vinyl from backing, spray soap and water or windex to back of vinyl. I used windex it dries a little faster, to be able to position the vinyl. Then detail cut with razor knife and work it around and wrap. Used hair dryer to dry windex for adhesion and heat makes the vinyl more pliable. It took me 2 tries on the piece around the sport mode knob. Good luck.

corradoMR2 07-05-14 08:16 AM

Looks more durable than the factory finish. Nice work.

dAiLL3sT 07-05-14 12:08 PM

i want that shift knob!

Jack1995 07-05-14 12:45 PM

Any info on the shift knob?

Thanks in advance

Hermes 07-05-14 04:47 PM

Looks good, do they have the same colour CF wrap to match the side door panels?

bleo2 07-05-14 06:50 PM

Really would like to gets new shift. Stock one is boring. Where can I buy one compatible with 3rd gen is250

steco 07-07-14 05:12 PM

that shift knob belongs to NOKYA brand, i think...
my friend has one. it's an universal shift knob.

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