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theoryguy3 07-01-14 02:57 PM

Do you wish you had waited?
A friend of mine is looking to purchase a 2014 IS350 F-Sport AWD and was asking me if I had any regrets about my purchase. The one thing I told him is that I wished that I had waited. I was rushed into my purchase because my old car kicked the bucket so I needed one right away, especially with the winter we had in NYC. My reasons:

1) I missed out on locating a car with the ML system or a Canadian Executive Package equipped car
2) Would have known about the remote start-nav issues
3) Prices continued to drop in December
4) May have been able to hold out for a 2015 model

Other than that I'm a happy camper, how about you guys?

Mr_VFS1 07-01-14 03:09 PM

If I would have waited I could've gotten a White/Red IS350 F-Sport because the price would be cheaper and they would have the color combo I got. I don't regret my 250 F-Sport but if I would have waited, I could get what I want.

IS3F 07-01-14 03:51 PM

I got exactly what I was looking for. Only thing I could have gained by waiting would be cooled seats, possibility for RES. Then again I would have likely paid more

tea 07-01-14 04:05 PM

Only thing I wanted was the USB color but since it's not being offered in 2015 anyways, I'm happy I didn't wait

4TehNguyen 07-01-14 04:08 PM

once i saw the RC engine was the same, i knew an engine update wouldn't be coming for a while. That was the main thing was concerned about before purchasing one

doodlebug 07-01-14 04:11 PM

I don't wish I had waited....ventilated seats and RES are the only things (I think) that I will miss out on. Luckily, I have everything else. And, I would never use RES since I park in the garage and when I use the ventilated (cooled) seats in my husband's truck the fan noise drives me crazy for some reason and I turn it off.

corradoMR2 07-01-14 04:16 PM

Nope, no regrets in getting my car right away back in August since the feeling of being among a select few with the brand new 3IS is priceless. And... I'm going to repeat the same process with the NX in just a few months... :D :thumbup:

MILKEE 07-01-14 05:49 PM

I have NO regrets! I asked my salesman to find me what I wanted and he made it happen...EXACTLY!

Matter of fact the car we got was still on the boat when he tagged it for us. I believe we waited long enough for some of the bugs to be worked out before we got MILKEE. We haven't experienced any of the issues many other owners have experienced.

My thought is this; I am a machine person. What I mean is this; if you take care of and nurture your machine, they will take care of you. Every machine (lawn mover, car, airplane, AC unit or what ever) will respond and last longer when you take care of and respect them...Think I'm crazy? Me too. But I had an airplane that responded to a scratch on her chin with an absolutely awesome flight every time!

Retired A&P mechanic

SexyElaine 07-01-14 06:19 PM

Aside from the price ( very close to MSRP ?! )I have noo , noo regrets getting my F Sport just weeks after it was released.

In a few short weeks it'll be one year since I've had it and it's been nothing but pure pleasure owning it for this past year :)

tkr128 07-01-14 06:38 PM

Just got my IS350 two weeks ago. I was originally planning to hold out to see if they would make some sort of F-Sport/Luxury package combo for 2015, but circumstances made me go with the 2014 with Lux package w/o ML. Now that I know what's changing on the 2015, I'm glad I didn't wait. RES and Siri Eyes Free are interesting features, but I don't see myself using them that often. I already have the ventilated seats so no big deal there. Those new dynamic lines on the backup camera would have been nice though. ML would have been nice as the sound from the standard system isn't as crisp or clean as the ML at higher volumes, but is good enough under normal circumstances.

Dark9t316 07-01-14 06:48 PM


Dark9t316 07-01-14 06:49 PM

Other than overpaying and living with the buggy nav unit, no regrets cause got the car early when almost no one else owned one, the car is an absolute blast to drive. It cheers me up when I look at the car! I can't be the only one lol.

MGB1120 07-01-14 07:17 PM

Only regret was not getting the ML stereo but I got the UW/Rioja interior awd 350 which I really wanted, stereo was not much of a deal breaker, stock sounded great though Bluetooth.

stevieb54 07-01-14 07:18 PM

We have had our IS250 F Sport for 3 weeks. It took 6 different test rides for my wife to pick the model she liked (anyone else have similiar issues?) It took forever to sway her from a non FSport to an FSport. We absolutely love it, it Ultra white on black.
My only regret is not getting the 350 but hey its all good, I just wish they would have offered the luxury package on the IS.
Does anyone know of some simpler performance mods for a little more boost in power?

NebulaIS 07-01-14 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by 4TehNguyen (Post 8607651)
once i saw the RC engine was the same, i knew an engine update wouldn't be coming for a while. That was the main thing was concerned about before purchasing one

Same engine but they're advertising the RC at 318hp vs 306 in the IS 350...any idea what they've done to bump it up?

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