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Therealman 08-05-13 12:58 PM

3IS Radar Detector Buyers discussion
Hello lexus owners of the new 2014 lexus IS. I have a 2014 IS 350 Fsport and I'm thinking of buying myself a valentine one radar detector for my new IS. What radar are you useing or thinking of buying how will you hardwire it or will you have cable connected.

TimboIS 08-05-13 01:31 PM

K40 RL360i hardwired.

aianir 08-05-13 02:33 PM

None. I take the ticket like a man.

Also, I don't drive so fast that I risk losing my licence or going to prison. Almost never.

r0shiro 08-05-13 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by aianir (Post 8075926)
None. I take the ticket like a man.

Also, I don't drive so fast that I risk losing my licence or going to prison. Almost never.


zpletcher 08-05-13 04:55 PM


Originally Posted by thejaperu (Post 8076089)

That's funny..

Do they really work?? Or just once in a blue moon?

TimboIS 08-05-13 06:11 PM


Originally Posted by zpletcher (Post 8076157)
Do they really work?? Or just once in a blue moon?

Put it this way, If you get a ticket with the K40, the manufacturer pays the ticket.

Timmah 08-06-13 07:40 AM

I got the V1 myself. however, all my friends that have high in exotics like TimboIS all has gotten the K40 and has been very lucky on the high speed runs.

Fsportlex 08-07-13 03:04 PM


Originally Posted by aianir (Post 8075926)
None. I take the ticket like a man.

Also, I don't drive so fast that I risk losing my licence or going to prison. Almost never.

hahaha thats great!!!

neilvosko 11-08-13 08:22 AM

radar detector in 3rd gen
Has anyone used a radar detector? the 3is seems to be missing the cig lighter port that radar detectors use

FusterCluk 11-08-13 08:36 AM

I plan on getting my Valentine One hard wired again. Easiest way to conceal it. :D

neilvosko 11-09-13 12:54 PM

is there a hardwire kit for mirror? or is this old-school to fuse box wire?

FusterCluk 11-09-13 02:04 PM

They have a kit for just about any kind of installation. I know they have an actual rear view mirror with a built in display. I'd give them a call. I've owned mine for years and it has never failed me.

hangandrew 11-09-13 02:48 PM

I use a Valentine One in my 3IS. Only thing that sucks is I have my coiled cord coming out of the center console,lol

TimboIS 11-09-13 03:43 PM

This looks interesting

Bass Mech 11-09-13 03:58 PM

I'm running a passport max in my tacoma and my GS 350 i will be getting another for the IS 350 soon. i also run the escort live direct wire bluetooth for iPhone.
those of you still in the stone ages with the valentine 1 seriously don't know what your missing.
first off without GPS enabled RD your RD just goes off all the time. there is no false alert capability in a V1
it really doesn't matter if the radar signal is in front or to the side or behind. the fact is there is a signal present.
with a V1 knowing a signal is to the side is useless information because speed cannot be read as you pass by a police car. radar uses the doppler effect, and speed readings are not accurate from side targeting.

with the Escort, once you drive past the same false alert location 3 different time's the RD will lock out that signal so you don't get any more false alerts. it will still detect the signal and display but it won't make any sound unless there is a new signal present.
it also is immune to traffic system radar unlike the V1 you don't get false alerts along the highway from these false sources.
it also alerts you to traffic light cam's, speed cam's as you pass through them with a distance counter

but the best part is the escort live. used in conjunction with your cell phone, other people also running the same Live setup get a detection of a cop who uses instant on. the info is then uploaded to the escort Cloud and sent to all other drivers in the area.
for the next 2 hours that location is marked for KA, Laser and other drivers manual alerts. now everyone like myself entering that area are alerted through your cell phone and the radar detector itself. so even if the cop is not sending a signal, you already know he is there because that location has been marked.
if you combine that with the escorts awesome detection range, you can detect a cop using radar way in advance of them getting your speed!
remember a radar gun has to receive the signal that bounced off your car and reflected back. they have severe range limitations because the signal is quite weak by the time it can be read by the gun.
on the other hand, if the signal was pointed head on at you, the RD can easily pick up that signal from nearly 8-10 times the speed reading distance. there is safety in numbers. as long as your not the only car on the road for a few miles. it's unlikely you'll pass by a cop and not know it.
the more people using this system the less effective police are at catching speeders. if you pass by a cop without an alert, you can mark the location by pressing a button. this again sends a signal to all other drivers that you saw a live cop. I've been using mine for less than a month and i have to say i am impressed! if you get a ticket using this system you are either the most unlucky SOB that ever lived, or you simply did not pay attention to what the RD was telling you.
it also alerts you to an above the posted speed limit that you set, so if you want to risk driving 10 mph over it will let you know when you have done that because with the GPS and the database built in it knows the speed limit of most the roads in the US and how fast your driving.
the escort MAX is more expensive than the V 1 but getting a unit that is now i think reaching 12-15 years old is plain stupid.yes i know you can get an update for the V-1 but the Max is a total game changer!
with the new fingerprint technology and the GPS you can't find anything on the market worth half the price.

keep in mind your RD should NEVER go off and alert you to anything but a real threat. the more times it falsest the less likely you are to pay attention to it. and or why would you want to be alerted to false signals anyway?

and for those of you who didn't know, mike valentine used to be an engineer at escort many years ago. he made a great detector for the times, but times have changed.
i think escort also offers a rebate to trade in your old detector. or sell yours on ebay and get the MAX
it has so many other features i cannot think of them all. but it is pricy, i figure it has to save me 2-3 tickets to pay for itself and i think it may have just recently in a construction zone when i wasn't paying attention.

for those of you who have a lot of Laser use you may also consider the Blinder to jam police laser. they are not legal in colorado so you may want to check your state first.

sorry this turned into a review, i just wanted to share my findings here.

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