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viNz86 03-14-14 12:20 PM

#Instagram Handle Thread
Hey all,

I thought it would be a great idea to share Instagram handles within our community. Not trying to advertise mine to get more followers, but instead I would love to see photos of your car, build and what interests you. I am already following some of you.

Without further ado, please post your instagram handle, description and maybe a photo :thumbup:

Instagram: viNz86_
Description: my s2000, cars, soon to be lexus, food!!

PS: I'm new to Lexus and I have a lot to learn as my world is s2000s. No Lexus pictures yet as I've been waiting for my car since November. Just got confirmation that I will have my 3IS end of the month the other day. :woot:

bruteshot2 03-14-14 12:37 PM

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Instagram: jcco350
Description: My whip and the mods I've done so far, basically a build thread through IG posts
Photo: Here's the pic of my latest IG (re)post:
Attachment 319192

scarboy693 03-14-14 01:45 PM

Instagram: Scarboy6693
Description: Random Car stuff but mostly of the IS (and my old car which I don't have)

phungy 03-14-14 04:20 PM

Instagram: doctordanger
Description: Food, Car, Raves, Dentistry, Physique, Anything I find funny. I don't post often so don't worry about me spamming your feed.

I just added everyone before me. Also, I follow if you follow. Same for "likes".

RastaRacer 03-14-14 04:45 PM

I like this thread. Great idea :thumbup:

Instagram: @kdot_vossen & @lexusboys
Description: Cars, Lifestyle

Jaydemm 03-15-14 09:33 AM

Instagram: @jaydemm
Description: Cars, Food, BSPK, AON Lifestyle and my daily adventures. :woot:

LexusFsprt 03-15-14 09:38 AM

Instagram: @giangalvez
Description: Sneakers and my IS

r0shiro 03-15-14 09:19 PM

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Instagram: @r0shiro
Description: Cars, Lifestyle

kesh550 03-15-14 10:31 PM

Instagram: kesh350

FSPORTJC 03-17-14 07:40 AM

Instagram: FSPORT_JC
Description: FSport 3iS / DUCATI / BMW X1 MSport


juvi22003 03-17-14 09:48 AM

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Instagram: juvi22003
Description: FortuneMinds, Rare Snare, Manchester United, Miami Heat etc

beeRandon 03-17-14 11:32 AM

Instagram: @buhhhrandon
Description: Cars & Selfies. :-)

[email protected] 03-17-14 01:39 PM

@vossen / @jrod_vossen

RayG 03-17-14 02:03 PM

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instagram: raymondgranja

Jump2man3 03-17-14 02:11 PM

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IS350 Build

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