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redraptor 07-14-13 02:22 PM

What kind of MPG #'s are you guys getting?
I'm wondering what MPG figures you guys are getting with your new 3IS. It would be interesting to note if its any better than the previous gen.

Engine: 250/350
Powertrain: RWD/AWD
State City/Highway as a percentage.- how much do you drive on the highways and how much just local roads to the best of your knowledge as a percentage figure.

mmims2000 07-14-13 02:45 PM

I'm been getting pretty terrible mileage - worse than i expected - but wondering if its because the engine is so new. I've been averaging about 19-20mpg, and 80% of my driving is on the highway at highway speed. I have the 350 RWD and less than 300 total miles so far. I also have not been driving the engine really hard since its new and in the break-in period, so I really would have expected a little better. Also, my trips are short as my commute is only 10 miles each way, so maybe that factors a little bit into it as well. I definitely plan to keep an eye on it tho.

VTsuckah 07-14-13 02:57 PM

You're not going to get the projected mpg that Lexus projects that early on. You will likely need a healthy 1,000 miles until the engine is fully "broken in". Then there is the fact that the computer will be adjusting to your personal driving habits to be more efficient. By the first 3,000 miles you should have a good dataset to average.

Glashub 07-14-13 02:58 PM

You're not going to get fair numbers until people have gotten through the break in period -- because one is not supposed to keep it at the same rpm -- thereby limiting the best way to get reliable mileage numbers.

John510 07-14-13 03:22 PM

19-20 MPG average. Im addicted to sport mode. :egads:

Hoovey2411 07-14-13 03:50 PM

Get through the break in period THEN worry about mpg's. Take a few thousand miles.

And quite frankly if you can afford a Lexus then you can afford the premium fuel it requires :rolleyes:

dojoman 07-14-13 03:51 PM

Yup about 20mpg. Engine is still new need time for break in.

corradoMR2 07-14-13 04:23 PM

Plus A/C is probably fully on these days worsening the mpg...

redraptor 07-14-13 04:47 PM

That's what I was expecting. Its too early to tell how much exactly we should be getting consistently.

91 or higher gas is recommended, the salesman I went to at Lexus of Rockville Center was pushing to sell me the 250 by telling me it uses regular gas instead of premium. Unbelievable!

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Timmah 07-14-13 09:56 PM

21.1 average on IS350. full thorttle (1gear) every 25-50mi.

wildtigg3r 07-15-13 11:36 AM

I've only driven mine on the freeway after purchasing it - 27 mpg (eco mode). Less than 300 miles. I drive conservatively.

magne 07-15-13 02:04 PM

Tried the dealers IS300h for a long trip. This car had ran over 5000km when I drove it.

Got 4.2 liters per 100 km. This is about 54 mpg.
Not bad for a luxury sedan :thumbup:

In sport mode driving spirited, i didn't get more than 10 liters per 100km. About 23 mpg

Timmah 07-15-13 02:32 PM

I need to try it out on ECO mode to see as well.

alopez 07-15-13 03:47 PM

Combined Hwy/City - Gas 91 plus Lucas Gas Additive

ECO 25~27 mpg.
Normal 20~21 mpg
Sport 16~18 mpg...

redraptor 07-16-13 05:09 AM


Originally Posted by alopez
Combined Hwy/City - Gas 91 plus Lucas Gas Additive

ECO 25~27 mpg.
Normal 20~21 mpg
Sport 16~18 mpg...

is this for the IS250?

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