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flipside909 06-11-13 10:58 AM

2015 Lexus IS Coupe Rendering
If this coupe ever becomes a production model, would you be willing to pass up the sedan and wait for this?

Source: TopSpeed

BLexodus 06-11-13 11:04 AM

That car looks great! Kind of like how the BMW 3 coupe (and soon to be 4 series) and the Audi A5 look alot better than their sedan brothers.

I'd buy it and then drop it an inch!

f111f444 06-11-13 01:03 PM

I will wait for the coupe

Individual 06-11-13 05:43 PM

I would definitely choose the coupe over the sedan.

RNM GS3 06-11-13 05:51 PM

When I asked when the IS coupe is coming, Lexus dealer told me the next coupe coming next year is based on the GS. The IS coupe is 2yrs away :uh::uh:.

Is this true and is this the RC?

Kevin350 06-11-13 06:15 PM

I'm waiting for the coupe.

Slash300zx 06-11-13 07:11 PM

I'd wait for the coupe but we all know the LF-CC is the IS coupe and that's not coming for 2 more years

Fizzboy7 06-12-13 02:04 AM

Hell yes. That has all the right lines. If Lexus released the 3IS as a coupe at launch, coupled with the 2.0T, I bet you it would have won car of the year and all kinds of other awards. THAT would be how you do a launch and grab people's attention.

UpSideDown 06-12-13 02:34 AM

It looks great from that angle. Looks similar to a Audi A5 coupe.

juvi22003 06-12-13 12:56 PM

I have gotten to love 4 door so i would past on the coupe although it looks good, no more lifting up seat for passengers to get in the back

edgeucated 06-16-13 12:06 AM

I too much prefer the practicality of a sedan.

TXDriver 06-16-13 01:27 AM

That is a great rendering. I owned a coupe once but now I prefer 4 doors. Still that would make a nice looking car, I hope they build it.

Wunko 06-16-13 03:53 AM

I'd be interested. Never really thought about having a two-door car before.

DOC4LEX 06-16-13 04:13 AM

Lexus coupe is all i ever wanted from the lexus brand if it means waiting another year and half it no problem, All i ask lexus to cosinder is the underpin,chassis suspension and manual gearbox.

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