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PhiGam27 07-21-14 10:38 AM

Wheel Finish is Peeling
I have an 08 250 which I got back in February. The car was from up around Lake Michigan which I am thinking might be part of the problem due to terrible winters with a lot of salt on the roads but the finish on the wheels is bubbling and peeling all over the place. Does anybody else have this same problem or is this something strange? Also, what would people suggest to do as a relatively cheap fix? I thought about trying to peel it all off and paint them but the metal underneath is very pitted and not smooth. I could get them refinished for $95 a wheel but I would rather wait until my tires wear out and I will buy XXR 530s with new tires. Until then, I would like an easy fix to this problem if anybody has one.

PhiGam27 07-21-14 10:39 AM

P.S. I did plastidip them "aluminum" colored with a metallic flake on it to make them look close to stock color but cover up the dark spots where it has peeled. However, you can still see a color difference.

lexicanto 07-21-14 10:40 AM

I haven't heard this regarding IS, but have heard this regarding other cars that are written in extreme winter situations related to salt. Your answer here may depend on how many 08 250 drivers are here from the Northern parents of the United States and Canada in General.

PhiGam27 07-21-14 10:49 AM

Thats what I was thinking but I did not know if maybe it was a problem with the wheels in general. I have never seen that happen before but then again I live in the heart of the midwest so I do not have the same problems.

Gville350 07-21-14 12:39 PM

Structurally, the wheels are fine; but yes, it is a known factory issue that the paint flakes, peels, bubbles...mine especially did around the front wheel's center cap. :(

krUnALv99 07-21-14 08:30 PM

Mine is flaking off on the rear rims.

I'm in Kansas. Snow; Yes. A lot of Salt/Sand; Yes.

EXL124 07-22-14 07:28 AM

Mine show some bubbling too. Known fact...but that fact sucks! Its not really noticeable until you stare at the rim.

sm1ke 07-22-14 10:03 AM

Mine began flaking around the centre cap area; I live in Winnipeg Canada, where they salt the roads heavily in icy conditions.

meis250 07-22-14 10:24 AM

mine has bubbles on the spokes, I am in Toronto Canada. But that is what the black plastidip is for, right?:)

rawr2is250 07-22-14 01:56 PM

simple dip fix! Good thing you can't notice it from afar.

mntopdown 07-22-14 02:05 PM

Newbie here. I picked up a 2010 IS350C in April. It had factory 18" 5 spoke alloy wheels, but the original Arizona dealer decided to have them chromed. The car ended up here in Minnesota through dealer trades and I bought it. Unfortunately the chrome is peeling badly. Not from the winters here as it hasn't been through one, but just from a poor chrome finish. I'm working on replacing them. Lexus is offering me a dealer credit even though the car is out of warranty.

sm1ke 07-22-14 04:35 PM

That's pretty good of Lexus to do that. For a more durable finish, you can get the wheels sandblasted and powdercoated. Locally for me, most powdercoaters charge around $330 to $450 for a single stage coat on a set of 18" wheels.

Ants350 07-22-14 04:53 PM

Cost me $600 to have rims powder coat, curb rash and bends fixed in NYC.. I changed the color to like a metallic black.

PhiGam27 07-22-14 09:01 PM

For those prices I will just pay the $650 for a set of 18x8.75 xxr 530's. Upgrade from my 17s and get rid of the staggered wheels

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