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dagloman 07-07-14 04:39 PM

pictures finally please tell me what you think
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here are pics of my car finally tell me what you think this is just the beginning of my car

metaleckz 07-07-14 04:40 PM

Ill tell you what i think. I think you should lower your car. Lol. Idk about the wheels. Otherwise, its a clean car!

dagloman 07-07-14 04:45 PM

i want to lower it so bad but the streets around here or horrible

Sffd103 07-07-14 05:18 PM

I always liked that color. I don't like the wheels and I would lower it. Everyone has bad streets where they live.

getafewliv 07-07-14 05:36 PM

Looks clean, but I agree, it would look much better if you lower it. I have H&R springs and have no issues, you just have to be careful pulling in and out of steep driveways.

F sport springs are good too.

Joelseff 07-07-14 05:45 PM

Nice car but the wheels gotta go. I would get some stock 18" on ebay if I were you. I understand about the lowering. My office has a steep driveway that jacked up my Saab's front end many a time so lowering is out for me and the roads here are the worst.

ohiois350 07-07-14 05:52 PM

Wheels must go, i rather have stock wheels than those.

G4lexboi 07-07-14 05:55 PM

Low and slow bro! Rims are your choice.

AKhanis350 07-07-14 08:44 PM

Nice color...

Rims don't suit the car at all. Like some have mentioned, stocks would look much better.

And definelty lower the car. I have RoadMagnet springs. 2 inches all around and pretty close to stock suspension feel.

Congrats on the 2IS

Initial G 07-07-14 11:15 PM

Like everyone else has said, you should consider lowering the car, springs or coil overs.

If you are worried about drop and local roads, consider Tein H-Techs or FSport springs, they give a subtle drop nothing too crazy.

What are your plans for the car?

DonLex123 07-08-14 02:27 AM

Love the color, car's going to look great when the serious modding begins.

ISland350 07-08-14 03:57 AM

You can get rid of some of that gap and still be very driveable on most streets....

A_Grasso 07-08-14 04:12 AM

Looks good! I would definitely lower it though!

azfsprt 07-08-14 11:27 AM

lower it with coilovers. Dont get springs because your shocks will blow out quick in GA.
I would change the wheels too but to each is to its own.. and Tint to start out some basics.

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