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AZ JB 07-06-14 08:31 PM

Satellite Radio
Does anyone know how to obtain the satellite radio hook up for our vehicles? When I bought my car I opted out of getting it and now I am being told that it is no longer available for purchase from Lexus. Does anyone out there know how to piece one together or interested in selling theirs?

xanderES 07-06-14 10:21 PM

specONE 07-06-14 10:30 PM

I Dont know if that would be compatible. Vaistech website doesn't list the 3IS or any of the newer Lexus vehicles.
I would contact Vaistech to see if it has been tested on the newer cars before diving in.
The Plug is the still the same behind the stereo so it may work but who knows if Toyota/Lexus changed the protocol a bit over the years.

flowrider 07-06-14 10:43 PM

Look at this thread:


ISFWes 07-07-14 05:55 PM

XM Radio
You might try looking for the parts on eBay. Someone parting out a IS.

AZ JB 07-07-14 05:56 PM

Thanks for the responses!

s6 4rings 07-07-14 06:18 PM

$400 if you really want it. I have no need to sell.

tboo72 07-07-14 07:49 PM

You can buy the parts new from one online Lexus dealer still, I did. The only thing I bought used was the receiver.

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