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kingdave 07-06-14 08:17 PM

2007 IS250 Engine Rattle/Tick
I have a 2007 IS250 with just under 100K miles. Not long ago, I started hearing a tick/rattle sound at idle but, only after the car was warmed up. Eventually, I'd also hear it while operating the car. For the most part the car has operated normally except for two occasions where the idle speed went way low as though the car was going to stall.

I took it to Sterling McCall Lexus on Thursday morning. A few hours later they called to say that the tech would need need an internal inspection of the motor to figure out what was wrong. The charge for pulling it apart would be $750. A few hours after that, they called to say that a specialist technician would need to look at the car this coming Tuesday.

Wondering if anybody had a similar experience. I'm pretty sure it's not just the normal ticking sound that's associated with injection.

is250916 07-06-14 10:41 PM

Carbon buildup issue for the idle.,

Not sure about the tick/rattle though

kingdave 07-08-14 09:33 AM

Sterling McCall just informed me that the problem is a "rod bearing failure". The inspector for the warranty company (MAP-EFG) will come out to check it out and decide whether or not they'll cover the repair.

idoke1 07-08-14 09:55 AM

Rod bearings are cheap but labor to fix it is very pricey. Wish you the best.

Gville350 07-08-14 05:52 PM

^Oh sure, if you just price out the cost for the bearing. But then you have to factor in whether the rod was damaged, the cost to clean out the entire motor for bearing materials, new gaskets/seals, labor, etc. Definitely not a CHEAP fix.

How the hell would the warranty not cover the motor? If not, what the hell does it cover? LOL!

kingdave 07-11-14 01:20 PM

Sterling McCall and the warranty company have agreed that I need a new engine ($5920 + labor). The warranty company only wants to pay for a used engine ($2420 + labor). SML will only install a new one. The difference would have to come out of my pocket, $3500.

minato 07-11-14 01:24 PM

arent they supposed to cover your engine ? why are they going for a used engine ?
also you can get a used 350engine for that price and talk to dealer about installing it .

kingdave 07-11-14 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by minato (Post 8621016)
arent they supposed to cover your engine ? why are they going for a used engine ?
also you can get a used 350engine for that price and talk to dealer about installing it .

They do cover the engine. However, if you actually read the contract (as I didn't), it states "may include the use of new, remanufactured or used parts as determined by us". Since I only paid $2500 for the warranty, they're going to take the cheapest route possible to honor it (used engine).

The dealer will only install new motors that come from Lexus. They don't do used parts at all.

kingdave 07-19-14 11:10 AM

$7000 later I got my car back. I paid $4200 and the rest by the warranty company (MAP-EFG). So, I guess for a $2500 expense, the warranty has more than paid for itself and I still have 24,000 miles to go before it expires.

The work included:

Replacing the short block motor
Replacing the serpentine belt
Replacing struts

The plan is to ride it for the rest of the warranty and then trade it in on an IS-F.

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