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andy350 07-04-14 03:46 PM

smells like gas - please help
My garage smells like gas so i popped the hood and found out it was coming from there.

What seems to be the problem???

I can't visually see anything leaking but i can definately smell gas under the hood.

And it's July 4th today and i don't want some firecracker blowing up my car today...

What could be the problem and how can i fix this?

idoke1 07-04-14 04:28 PM

Open your garage and let in fresh air. It could be unburnt fuel that is still on your catalytic converter causing the smell or if worst case, a leaking fuel line.

Gville350 07-04-14 07:12 PM

Start the car, pop the hood, light a match, see where the leak is coming from. ;)

azfsprt 07-05-14 09:59 AM


Originally Posted by idoke1 (Post 8611942)
Open your garage and let in fresh air. It could be unburnt fuel that is still on your catalytic converter causing the smell or if worst case, a leaking fuel line.

He is right.
Keep in mind gas leaks if minor are hard to see because gasoline evaporates quicker than water. But if the leak was substancial then you better not drive the car.

Open the garage, then close after a few mins to let the fumes out. Then wait an hour and see if you are still smelling gas from the same source.

If you are still concerned and want to avoid the risk then have it towed to your local dealer or have a mechanic take a second look.

andy350 07-05-14 03:13 PM

drove it about 20 miles...parked in garage again...
still smells like gas

idoke1 07-05-14 05:39 PM

Try parking your car in the driveway and checking it later. If the matter still consists, get it checked for any leaks.

Gville350 07-06-14 03:03 PM

If the smell for sure coming from the engine bay?

Gr33nHrn3t 07-06-14 05:38 PM

I took my 06 IS 350 to the dealership for the cam gear recall. Afterwards everything was fine however I started noticing fuel vapor like smells coming from the hood area. So, I took it in again and they diagnosed that my main fuel tube line (part# 7725153050) was the culprit. My SA said the part would take one month to arrive because it is on back-order. As soon as the part came in it was a simple remove and install. I haven't noticed the vapors at all since.

andy350 07-07-14 05:58 AM

Yes...the gas smell is still coming from the engine area under the hood near drivers side and feels very hot...

andy350 07-08-14 06:15 AM

posting live from Lexus Dealership...waiting for results

jsh139 07-08-14 06:29 AM

That's funny. Give us a play-by-play. Hope they find and fix the problem for you.

andy350 07-08-14 07:41 AM

Bad news...Lexus tech guy said my fuel line was leaking very bad and could have caught on fire.
He will have to replace 2 cost $130 and other cost $50...and it will take 4 hours labor cost.
They estimated $600 total damage.
They going to replace one line that goes from engine area to the back area near fuel tank...and going to replace other line that runs to the intake area.
Some guy on here said its a simple remove and install...but Lexus tech guy saying 4 hours labor.
Anyways another $600 gone down the tank!!!

idoke1 07-08-14 08:58 AM

Sorry to hear that. Thats a very odd failure.

azfsprt 07-08-14 10:22 AM

It is a simple remove and install. Just buy the fuel line and install yourself. Im sure there is a youtube out there to do it.

a good chunk of that is all labor cost, which usually is about $90-120/hr for labor charge. But if you are already there and have no time to do it, then just get it done and be safe.

1st time i've heard of a fuel line leak issue for the IS

Gville350 07-08-14 04:44 PM

Once able, please detail which fuel lines they are replacing so we know what to look out for. Did they show you exactly where the leak was coming from and what caused it? Perhaps another component rubbing onto the line?

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