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MonteStyle 02-24-14 04:55 PM

New member chiming in!
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Hello CL! Just picked up a 07 IS 350 and absolutely loving it. I will probably be posting here quite a bit asking for info on different things. I am aware of the FAQ and DIY threads that are already on here but sometimes I just can't find the answer I need! The search function has worked for me quite a bit tho.

One question I had was, how do I check the Navigation version on the car? How would I go about updating it? I'm assuming I buy a update DVD and just put it in and it does its thing but could be totally wrong. Not sure which one I need as well. Thanks for all the help ahead of time! This site has been incredibly informative and has helped me with my purchase.

Here are a couple quick pics of it that I took with my phone.

po1qw 02-24-14 05:26 PM

looks really clean did the car come with the bodykits ? :D look sexy!

kickin8 02-24-14 05:37 PM

Welcome to CL! 07 is using DVDs....

pheonix72 02-24-14 05:49 PM

Congrats. Where in CA are you?

MonteStyle 02-24-14 08:28 PM

Thanks! It did in fact come with the body kits! One of my main motivations for picking it up because it was something I was thinking of doing myself. Really happy with it.

I'm in Sacramento CA and the funny thing is I actually bought it in San jose.

Slammer1 02-24-14 08:33 PM

Looks like a GFX rear, but not sure about the front though. Car looks great.! What mods do you have planned?

laobo979 02-24-14 08:50 PM

To the OP your better of using your phone or aftermarket Nav. Real Lexus disc run you about $150-200 range I think.

pheonix72 02-24-14 11:18 PM


Originally Posted by laobo979 (Post 8399277)
Just heads up this isn't allowed in the forums before you get booted. To the OP your better of using your phone or aftermarket Nav. Real Lexus disc run you about $150-200 range I think.

Ooops, newbie mistake as i should have read the forum's rules. Please edit you post and remove my quote.

MonteStyle 02-24-14 11:49 PM

Ya it's more than likely I'll just leave the Nav as is and use the phone. That money can go towards some better mods for sure. Was thinking coilovers or lowering springs but haven't decided yet. I know coilovers are better and I would like to conserve the ride as smooth as possible. I really like the stock rims on them right now and do plan to change them later but they came with new tires also. I'm gonna check out some more build threads and see what others have done and hopefully pick up some more ideas.

MonteStyle 02-24-14 11:51 PM

I'd like to add that I got a 1600 dollar bumper to bumper warranty that's 3 years/36000 miles. I thought it was a good deal but would like to know what others think. I do actually have the opportunity to cancel it if I change my mind within the next day or 2.

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